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Health & Fitness

Pilates for All, Pilates for Life, Pilates on Ludlow (Sponsored)

Pilates reformer is a low-impact, whole-body workout that is adaptable for all ages and fitness levels. Our certified Pilates instructors guide you through controlled movement and muscle activations that can help make it more comfortable to walk, sit, and...

Pilates On Ludlow: Core Strengthening in Small Group Classes (Sponsored)

Whether you are new to Pilates or a seasoned practitioner, we invite you to visit Pilates on Ludlow to see why our clients are delighted we're here. Suitable for men and women of any size, shape, or age, Pilates reformer...

9/11 Compensation Deadline Approaching (Sponsored)

Were you in Lower Manhattan between September 11, 2001 and July 31, 2002? If you or a loved one were exposed in Lower Manhattan, south of Houston Street, between 9/11/01 and 7/31/02, you may be eligible for free healthcare and financial compensation.

Diving into a Pooled Trust Makes Home Care Easier to Manage (Sponsored)

Decisions about managing long-term care become increasingly important as we age. Choices will have to be made about your care (or your loved one’s care). And as you look at the available options, you may decide that home care...

CDPAP Home Care VS Home Care Agency Services (Sponsored)

Medicaid home care consumers in New York often find themselves presented with a choice of two very different methods for receiving care. Many consumers choose to receive a home attendant provided by a local home care agency. However, there...

Get a Free COVID-19 Test Today in NYC (Sponsored)

Get a free COVID-19 test today, New York City! Free. Quick. Easy. Visit NYC.Gov/COVIDTest *This is a paid advertisement.

7pm on the Lower East Side, “Clap Because We Care”

New York City residents hunkered down at home are honoring the health care and essential workers who are on the front lines, during this time of COVID-19, every evening at 7:00pm. This was taken on Grand Street, last night, on the...

Coronavirus Update: People Standing Farther Apart in Public Groups

In the past week, some New Yorkers have begun to maintain larger personal space bubbles, in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Citi Bike Adds Valet Service on the Lower East Side

You know the frustration. You arrive at your destination only to find there are no available docks for your Citi Bike.

Personal Trainer Ricardo Thomas Talks Training, Motivation, and Functional Fitness for a New You in the New Year (Sponsored)

We spoke with veteran personal trainer and medical exercise specialist Ricardo Thomas, at Manny Cantor Fitness, about how to start and keep a fitness program, how to stay motivated, and how functional fitness can improve your quality of life.
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Latest News

Abrons Arts Center Announces Spring Lineup

Abrons Arts Center has announced its Spring 2022 Season. Offering a variety of multidisciplinary programming, the season leans into...
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