If You Dislike the Gym, Pilates is the Workout For You! Try Our New Client Package (Sponsored)

Whether they are age 22 or 82, so many of our clients tell us they much prefer Pilates reformer to going to the gym.

“Pilates is the only exercise I’ve found that’s enjoyable, challenging, and easy to keep up with long-term. I always look forward to going to class. I’ve seen real change in my body – I feel and look stronger, longer, and leaner. (I always tell my friends that Pilates makes me realize I have muscles I didn’t even know about!) It’s a special form of exercise that challenges your physical endurance, balance, and focus. No workout is the same thanks to the reformer.

There are always options to level up or down based on your skill level and how you’re feeling. I’ve been to quite a few studios, and Pilates on Ludlow is at the top of my list. The classes are small, the equipment is excellent, and the instruction is top notch. I’d recommend it to anyone, whether you’re new to Pilates or have been working out on the reformer for years like me!” – Law student Chloe

Our New Client package* is $71.06 for two group reformer classes. Click here to purchase.

*New clients only. Expires within 15 days of purchase. Includes 4.5% New York City sales tax.

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