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Getting it in Gear With an East River Park Workout

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There’s still some time left to get outside and enjoy some gorgeous fall weather here on the Lower East Side — before winter sets in.  If you like to work out outdoors, East River Park (which is oh, SO slowly being revitalized but still relatively under utilized) is a great place to do it.

We asked local trainer and true L.E.S. “native” Aldo Corniel of Ludlow Fitness to give us some tips for exercising outside.

Aldo Corniel - Trainer at Ludlow Fitness

If you are looking for ways to enhance your normal routine, warm up before a game, or just get into shape without spending extra money, here are some great ways to get in shape, while enjoying the East River waterfront.



We started with abs, because, as Aldo says, it’s best to get them out of the way first.  Starting with your core, while you’re still fresh, is always a good idea:

Then we moved on to lunges and Aldo made sure I got as close to the ground as possible.  I’d recommend working up to the “explosive” lunges. Those will get you!

Next, we used the bleachers for “step ups” and triceps dips:

We did push-ups on the bleacher steps and I was even able to do a few explosive push-ups, before I started wondering if it was actually my heart that was exploding:

Next up: jump squats. These will jump-start your heart rate and really give your legs a working over:

Aldo gave me a great suggestion for working out the inner thigh and glutes (this one is for the ladies).  It’s a wide-stance squat with your toes pointed out at about 45 degrees.  Squat down as far as possible and then come up, squeezing the glutes and pushing your hips forward.

Then he pulled this on me:

Was I sore the next day? Oh yes. Have I used the routine on my own?  I’ve been using it regularly and really love it.

Thanks to Mason Goldberg, owner at Ludlow Fitness, for recommending one of his star trainers, Aldo Corniel, to us.

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