LES Bites: Two Stars For Fung Tu, Lobster on the Roof, Lunch at La Gamelle

It's lobster-bake season at Hotel Chantelle.

It's lobster-bake season at Hotel Chantelle.
It’s lobster-bake season at Hotel Chantelle.

Here’s a scan of recent Lower East Side restaurant news:

In the New York Times, Pete Wells gives Fung Tu, the creative Chinese spot on Orchard Street, two stars, saying that Chef Jonathan Wu has become more sure-footed and assertive since the restaurant’s debut. Wells writes: “…many of the new dishes are a reason for anybody who wrote off Fung Tu after the early days to put a return visit at the top of the calendar.” Ryan Sutton also gave Fung Tu a two star review today.

Tomorrow night, Hotel Chantelle is bringing back the “Maine Squeeze,” its rooftop/reggae lobster bake. For $34.92, you get a 1-whole lobster, steamed clams, potatoes and corn on the cob. They’ll be offering it every Wednesday night through the spring and summer. Follow the link for reservations and a complementary cocktail.

Here’s a reminder. On Saturday Spur Tree’s chef Sean John will be cooking up a Jamaican brunch with ingredients sourced from the Essex Street Market. The LES Brunch Club is sponsored by MiLES. You get a 10% discount by using the code lesbid.

Wylie Dufresne says he misses wd-50, his groundbreaking Clinton Street restaurant, on a daily basis. In an interview, he added: “I would love to continue opening restaurants and do more things. I can’t say if you’ll see wd-50 again, but I would like to say that you’ll certainly see more restaurants from us; fingers crossed, knock on wood, all those wishful thinkings.”

EV Grieve has the scoop on Turntable Retro Bar & Restaurant, coming to 4th Street and Avenue B.

Just like Paris: The new French spot Rebelle on the Bowery offers a shaved cheese course.

Per Eater, the Bowery’s other new French restaurant, La Gamelle, debuted lunch service this week.

Pizza a Casa on Grand Street has rebranded. They’ve got a bold new sign and a new (unambiguous) name: Pizza School.