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TG-170, an Old Lower East Side Favorite, Pops Up at the Hester Street Fair

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terri gillis hester street fair

It was three years ago that Terri Gillis shut down her trailblazing Lower East Side clothing boutique in the face of rising retail rents. So it was nice to see her back in the neighborhood this past weekend. For the next several Saturdays, she’ll be maintaining a stall at the Hester Street Fair.

TG-170 was one of the first boutiques of its kind to open on Ludlow Street in the early 1990s. The store featured up-and-coming local designers and definitely embodied the DIY culture that dominated the block at the time. After fleeing Ludlow, Gillis opened a short-lived store at the corner of Ludlow and Broome streets.

These days, she’s living in Bushwick and making the rounds at the street fairs. She’ll be back at Hester Street every Saturday for the next several weeks. We asked whether Gillis would consider another retail shop, but she said it’s out of the question given the economic realities in New York today.



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  1. It would be interesting to know what new store (or string of new stores) came into the neighborhood, for each one of these unique small businesses that got knocked out of the area by high rents.

  2. That’s a great idea. We’ll definitely do that as part of the series. Terri talked about how much has changed on Ludlow Street since she left… barely recognizable.

  3. And, in the Shoot for the Moon department, it would be amazing if the stores covered could be mapped, with each pin pulling up what store was displaced & what replaced it (and link to the corresponding article). If financing & capacity allow of course. This would result in a visually stark (and startling) portrayal of the “epidemiology” of the matter. The map would be even more dense if, in addition to the businesses TLD covers in articles, information about more displaced businesses (that perhaps were closed even years ago) could be crowdsourced from the community and perhaps mapped with a different color pin (i.e., crowdsourced vs TLD-verified info).

    Don’t know if its a good time (or a good channel) to share this idea but it just popped into my head and I’m short on time. GOOD LUCK WITH THIS PROJECT.

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