A SPURA Plan vs. SPURA Guidelines

We want to draw tour attention to a few changes made in today’s post regarding the Seward Park redevelopment plan, In the original story we referred to a proposal unveiled at last night’s Community Board 3 meeting as a “plan.” A short time ago, we received an email message from CB3 Chair Dominic Pisciotta about our report.

Pisciotta wanted to make sure our readers understand that what was presented were “guidelines to come up with a plan,” rather than a plan itself. From his perspective, a plan contains a lot of design details, it lays out what types of buildings, green space etc. would be constructed on each lot.

Pisciotta said he hoped the committee would have been further along by now but “that is not where we are.”  He also indicated a desire to pass the proposed guidelines at next month’s committee meeting. At that point, the guidelines would be made public – and the full board would hold a vote in late December, or at January’s meeting.