Teen Arrested in Connection With Several Lower East Side Attacks

Man Attacked on Stanton Street Last Week

Children’s Magical Garden Sues For Possession of Norfolk Street Parcel

Stanton Street Shooter Sentenced to 22 Years in Prison

A man who shot three people in an incident on Stanton Street three years ago has been sentenced to more than 20 years in prison.

German Artist Henrick Beikirch Completes Stanton Street Mural

Maischa by ECB (Hendrik Beikirch)

German artist Hendrik Beikirch created this mural on Stanton Street. Photos by Tim Schreier.

Over the weekend, Tim Schreier checked in on German artist Hendrik Beikirch, who was finishing up a new mural on Stanton Street (near Attorney Street).

Op/Ed: Time to Reactivate Stanton Street Park Building

Sara D. Roosevelt Park at Stanton Street.

The following article was written by Lower East Side resident K. Webster:

In a time of diminishing resources we must rethink how we allocate the ones we have.  Community resources such as the numerous park buildings that dot the Lower East Side must be returned to active neighborhood use. We can no longer afford to have these buildings used for storage or sit neglected as empty space. The Stanton Street building in Sara D. Roosevelt (SDR) Park was once a bustling youth center. We need it back.

Affordable spaces are vanishing. With the ongoing collapse of structural support for vulnerable youth, elders, and working people, the need for access to publicly owned sites in densely populated, low-income neighborhoods is clear. And, as Hurricane Sandy made evident, we are in desperate need of hubs from which to catalyze self-help efforts to take on climate change locally.

Truck Plows Tree on Clinton Street Near Houston

A truck clipped a tree on Clinton Street off Houston this afternoon.

A truck carrying a large shipping container collided with a tree planted on Clinton Street between Stanton and Houston this afternoon, snapping its trunk from the sidewalk. Police were on the scene with the driver.  Apparently, the driver hit the tree while trying to avoid construction taking place on Clinton street. In these photos, the name “CRV Truck Lines Corporation,” a trucking company based in Brooklyn, is visible on the truck cab. The container is marked “‘K’ Line,” and may belong to an international shipping company of the same name. More photos from the scene after the jump…

Back to School: Bureaucrats Fix Spelling Error!

Photo by: thelodownny.com.

Well that was fast. Yesterday afternoon we posted a photo from TLD contributor Erin Rodriguez showing a really embarrassing spelling error in a “school crossing” sign painted on Stanton Street, right in front of Marta Valle High School. The Post picked up (stole) the story this morning and the rest of the media (mainstream and otherwise) followed suit.  Turns out the city (and/or its contractors) are capable of working quickly when sufficiently humiliated. A few moments ago, we walked by the school. The “SHCOOL X-NG” lettering is no more.  As you can see, they only bothered to replace the “C” and the “H.” But we won’t quibble. At least they fixed it.

DOT Tells Post: Embarrassing Spelling Error Not Its Fault

Photo by Erin Egan Rodriguez.

The Post (without attribution) picked up on an item we reported yesterday about the embarrassing spelling error painted on the asphalt outside the Marta Valle School. TLD contributor Erin Rodriguez sent us the photo you see above, after noticing that “school x-ng” had mistakenly been spelled “shcool x-ing.”

An unnamed city official told the tabloid that the Department of Transportation was not responsible for the error. Over the summer, contractors had apparently made repairs to utilities beneath the street. According to the official, private contractors were responsible for patching up the roadway and repainting signage when they were finished. A DOT spokesman, also unnamed, said, “We are contacting them (the utility company) to correct the error promptly.”

Reporters Jennifer Bain and Jeanne Macintosh also pointed fingers at the administration of Marta Valle High School, although they couldn’t get through to the principal. Incidentally, city contractors are not the only ones who struggle with spelling. In the Post story, Bain and Macintosh report the “humiliating” error was spotted on “Station Street.” Uh, did you mean STANTON Street, guys?

Lower East Side Art Above Stanton Street

"mano y mano" - mural by street artist wk interact - photo © jdx

We love this photo from jdx. It’s a mural by street artist wk interact – brilliantly captured above Arlene’s Grocery on Stanton between Orchard and Ludlow (behind the old Cafe Charbon).

Woman Killed in Stanton Street Apartment

Police are on the scene at 101 Stanton Street, near Ludlow.

We are on the street in front of 101 Stanton St., near the corner with Ludlow, where a woman is apparently dead in an upstairs apartment, according to sources at the scene. Police arrived on the block around 1 p.m., according to witnesses who then saw an older man led out of the building in handcuffs and taken away.

A young teenage boy also emerged from the building, covered in blood, and was taken away by police, said one witness who was drinking coffee on a bench outside of D’Espresso across the street when the sirens erupted.

Breaking: Police Investigation on Stanton Street


There’s a heavy police presence on Stanton Street, just to the west of Ludlow. No confirmed reports but residents say there may have been a violent domestic incident. More to come…

Lower East Side Lens: May 7, 2011

Stanton Street, May 7, 2011 — another photo in our series by A. Jesse
Jiryu Davis

Lower East Side Lens: May 6, 2011

Photo by A. Jesse Jiryu Davis.

Stanton Street, May 6, 2011 — another photo in our series by A. Jesse Jiryu Davis.

Clinton Street Construction Rattling Residents

We’ve been getting emails from readers today about the “big dig” on Clinton Street. For the past three days, Con Ed,  private contractors and apparently the Department of Environmental Protection have been digging into the east side of Clinton, between Delancey and Stanton. The section of the block from Rivington to Stanton is completely shut off to traffic.

One reader complained of “deafening jackhammering” late into the night.  Business owners along Clinton Street say they have not been briefed by the city or ConEd about the reason for the construction work or how long it’s going to take. There are several Clinton Street construction permits listed on the Department of Transportation’s web site for sewer and water line repairs. We have calls in to Con Ed, city agencies and Community Board 3. We’ll let you know what they have to say. More photos after the jump.

UPDATE 4:41pm: A Con Ed spokesperson tells us their crews are performing emergency repairs on feeder cables along Clinton Street. They expect the bulk of the work to be completed by tomorrow.