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German Artist Henrick Beikirch Completes Stanton Street Mural

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Maischa by ECB (Hendrik Beikirch)
German artist Hendrik Beikirch created this mural on Stanton Street. Photos by Tim Schreier.

Over the weekend, Tim Schreier checked in on German artist Hendrik Beikirch, who was finishing up a new mural on Stanton Street (near Attorney Street).

Here’s the press statement we received regarding this project:

Global meets local as German artist Hendrik Beikrich’s 65 foot mural now stretches over the Siempre Verde Garden lot in the Lower East Side. Here neighbors in August 2012 rallied to save and have since resurrected a green space, battling the corporate push to develop on every scrap of land.  World renowned Beikrich has shared “mirrors of the soul” art on countless walls all over the world, most prominently his 230 foot piece of a fisherman in South Korea.  Finally finding a canvas in Manhattan (on) the L.E.S – on a building dating back to the early 1900s – he was enthused to be part of the artistic struggle that embodies one of the last remaining art meccas of NYC.  Hendrik most humbly reminds us that New York City is “where dreams do come true” in projecting the youthful student Maischa’s image, echoing the past, present and future of all who have settled and passed through on the journey; reflecting the ambivalent change that encompasses us all.  With a community of neighbors truly uniting in a “collaboration without borders,” via his 10-year friendship with Staten Islander and fellow artist Veng (from www.robotswillkill.com), Beikrich was connected with Irish artists and activists Clare Costello and Frances Hanlon, both of who live on the Lower East Side.  Art Supply Company Molotow donated paint and equipment.  This project has unleashed a renewal of positive energy and hope in the L.E.S.

"Maischa" Claire Costello (Curator) and Hendrik (ECB) Beikirch getting close up


"Maischa" by Hendrik Beikirch aka ECB (Stanton St. LES)

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