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Back to School: Bureaucrats Fix Spelling Error!

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Photo by: thelodownny.com.

Well that was fast. Yesterday afternoon we posted a photo from TLD contributor Erin Rodriguez showing a really embarrassing spelling error in a “school crossing” sign painted on Stanton Street, right in front of Marta Valle High School. The Post picked up (stole) the story this morning and the rest of the media (mainstream and otherwise) followed suit.  Turns out the city (and/or its contractors) are capable of working quickly when sufficiently humiliated. A few moments ago, we walked by the school. The “SHCOOL X-NG” lettering is no more.  As you can see, they only bothered to replace the “C” and the “H.” But we won’t quibble. At least they fixed it.

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  1. I think the incorrect “H” and “C” were also painted later than the rest of the letters.  If you look at the original photo you posted, there is a trench running down the street that went through where the original C and H would have been (as well as the original X in X-ing) and the H, C and X all look like they were painted on later.

  2. Congratulations on making the international press.  I found this site as it was credited on Yahoo Japan for the “SHCOOL” photo.

    BTW they also added the “I” in the X-NG to make it “X-ING”.

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