The NYC Living Installation Returns With In-Person or Online Viewing Options

Artist at Work

The Living Installation, aka “NYC wacky weirdo art couple Jadda x Mike,” returns with a new show on Saturday, April 24th. The “Artist at Work Extravaganza” is a two-part “wacky marathon performance,” with options to join the artists in person or view it online.  The live, open air exhibition and performance will take place at a three-room space, and a rooftop, at a secret location on Rivington Street. They write:

Artist at Work Extravaganza aims to give safe and thoughtful ways for humans to enjoy art and interact during this pandemic. The New York art scene has been dismantled and this a rebuilding step to bring back the old NYC funk!
Come or watch online as Michael Alan works live on multiple pieces simultaneously in his iconic fast-paced performative style. He will paint large canvas, create sculptures, small drawings, collage, large scale, small scale, and mixed media works inside his 6th floor walk up art studio in the Lower East Side. A selection of available works will be exhibited. Meanwhile, Jadda Cat performs as “Boxhead” creating cardboard body art and puppets.

2-4pm: Art exhibition with access to roof.

4-7pm: Full on rooftop performance art couple goes wild!

$20 discounted / $40 suggested

Learn more here.