Yellow Cab Accident Causes Sidewalk Havoc at Chatham Square and Mott Street (Updated)

Mott Street at Chatham Square. Photos by Paul Cackler.
Mott Street and Chatham Square. Photos by Paul Cackler.

A yellow cab jumped the curb last night on Mott Street at Chatham Square right in front of a Citibank branch, taking out a walk signal and a sidewalk shed.

Paul Cackler sent in these photos shortly before 8 p.m., noting that the accident occurred a short time earlier. Electrical power was cut at the intersection for a period of time.

We have a call into the NYPD for more information.



UPDATE 9:50 a.m. Here are some more photos from the scene and an eyewitnesses account (thanks to Jan Lee for passing these along; the witness is unidentified).

We were walking toward the Bowery on Mott, heard sirens, and saw a whole bunch of firefighters gathered and looking up by Citibank. We got to the corner just as they began putting up the yellow tape to section the area off. The taxi was on the sidewalk, and we did not see the driver. It must have happened around 7:30pm. Glass was shattered, supporting pole by the building for the scaffolding was pushed in, traffic light from Mott St side was on the ground.

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