Help B&H Dairy Celebrate Their Reopening Friday Night


Have you stopped by B&H Dairy since their triumphant reopening last Friday? The beloved kosher lunch counter had been closed ever since the 2nd Avenue explosion March 26. If you haven’t made it over there for a slice of challah and a bowl of soup, there’s a grand reopening party Friday evening.

Andy Reynolds, a local resident who’s been helping B&H through this rough time, sent along the Facebook invite:

Come celebrate the reopening of B&H after nearly 5 months closed in the wake of the March 26 Second Avenue explosion and fire. Cakes, coffee, and challah! Standing room only (putting the chairs and tables in the basement for the event). Joining us will be guest of honor, Florence Bergson Goldberg, daughter of the original owners, Mr. & Mrs. Abie Bergson Goldberg. Thanks to SaveNYC for their support!
The party will be held from 6-8 p.m. at 127 2nd Avenue. There’s also a crowdfunding campaign in support of B&H Dairy. They’re a little over $2000 away from the $30,000 goal. If you want to help out, click here.