Cabs Collide at Eldridge and Broome Streets (Updated 10:45 a.m.)

Eldridge and Broome streets.
Eldridge and Broome streets.
Eldridge and Broome streets.

There was a bad accident earlier this evening at the intersection of Eldridge and Broome. The Lo-Down’s Jennifer Strom reports it involved two cabs — a sedan and an SUV.  It happened around 9 p.m.  Two people were transported to Bellevue Hospital. We do not know their conditions at this hour.

UPDATED 10:45 a.m. According to the Daily News, “the offending cabbie was driving a sedan more than 60 mph.”

“I was crossing Eldridge, taking somebody to Williamsburg, when all of a sudden I get this big impact and my car is flipping over onto the driver’s side,” SUV cabbie Rick Avilla, 43, told the News. “I didn’t know it was another cab until some Good Samaritans helped me out through the window.”

The driver of the sedan and a passenger were hospitalized with “non life threatening” injuries. It’s not yet known whether anyone received a ticket.


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