Kickstarter Campaign Launched For Knish-Mobile

Noah’s already got the cargo bike, but it hasn’t yet been knish-customized.

Last year at about this time we told you about a fledgling business, Knishery NYC, Noah Wildman’s project to reinvent the lowly, century-old street food staple.  His knishes have been available for purchase at Malt & Mold, the East Broadway specialty food shop.  Now Noah’s taking the concept to the next level — planning to move into a shared incubator kitchen and launching the knish-mobile!

Yes, you guessed it. There’s a Kickstarter campaign to pay for a custom-outfitted cargo bicycle, complete with “racks, food-safe storage, and a trailer made to carry the food and gear needed to set up at food fair.”   The idea behind the bike is to literally take the knish back to the streets where it originated so many years ago.  Noah hopes to raise $2000.

Want to read more about the project? Check out Noah’s Kickstarter page.