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Bialystoker Nursing Home to Close; Protest Planned Tomorrow

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The Bialystoker Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation, an LES institution for eight decades, plans to close at the end of October, leaving nearly 100 elderly residents in need of new housing. In a letter to residents and family members dated July 26, administrator Marilyn Da Silva noted it was a decision made “with deep sadness and regret.”

“The decision to cease operations after more than 80 years of providing quality health care service to our residents comes after a great deal of thought and significant efforts to keep the facility operational and financially sound,” Da Silva wrote. “These efforts included seeking a new operator for the facility, but unfortunately we have been unable to locate another operator.”

The plan to close has prompted outrage from a group of employees and residents who are organizing a protest rally tomorrow afternoon.

Opponents of the impending closure plan to gather at the nursing home at 228 E. Broadway at 1 p.m. and call for a reprieve and an investigation into the factors behind the decision, said William Quintana, the center’s recreation director, in a press release. From Quintana’s announcement:

Apprehensive and outraged, the residents of the Home, family members and community members are staging a coordinated protest rally in the investigation of the abrupt closure and the right to keep Bialystoker from closing and continue their acquisition to provide care for the sick and infirm of lower Manhattan.

According to state records, Bialystoker has 95 beds for residential patients and was at 96 percent occupancy as of July 2011. It is certified to provide care under Medicare and Medicaid. During its most recent inspection in December 2010, state regulators cited four violations related to accident prevention, complying with individuals’ care plans, communications (call bells not working), and record-keeping, according to documents on file. Overall, the home has received generally high marks for its care; the only enforcement action on record was a fairly minor infraction in 2002 that drew a $1,000 fine.

Stay tuned for more information; we’ll have more on this story as it develops tomorrow.

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  1. Mr. Ira Meister placed his own FATHER in the Same Bialystoker Nursing Home for (2) years until he passed away not too long ago. Mr. Meister while a resident at the Bialystoker Nursing Home, was treated with the same dignity and respect that all the residents of the home receive and deserve.

    Here is a list of the Board of Directors for BIALYSTOKER who have voted with Mr. Ira Meister to CLOSE the BIALYSTOKER NURSING HOME…
    1.President, IRA MEISTER
    2. Treasure, GARY AMBROSE-Also A Gabbaim Officer at The Young Israel Synagogue of Manhattan located at 225 East Broadway: 
    3. Aaron
    Shmuelwitz,4. Sam bloom,5. Mike Toder,6. Dr. Beards7. Barrry Winston8. Alys Kremer 

    Other members names, of the Board of Directors, were removed from the Nursing homes letter head once Mr. Meister became President….


  2. Where is the Attorney General in all of this Nursing home misconduct?

    Has he been notified? This is what he is here for, to fix problems like this and stop fraud from happening. 

  3. We Have called the Attorney General, sent him numerous emails about the situation in hand trying to rush before its too late. Now we plan on having our next RALLY, PROTEST on August 23rd. from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM in front of Bialystoker Nursing Home located at 228 East Broadway once the residents are safely back inside the building, we will march in the streets to the Attorney General office located at 120 Broadway with our 8′ banner… Please join us in fighting this greedy millionaire….

  4. Their needs to be an answer to stop Ira Meister from selling what does not belong to him in any legal way.

    How can the Chairman of the Board purchase a property that belongs to the same Not-For-Profit organization he is Chairman of?I though the Chairman was suppose to protect the values of the organization. This needs to be INVESTIGATED!!!!!! 
    By someone who is not afraid of this guys MONEY POWER………………………………

  5. So much property to choose from and they pick a FULL 94 BED NURSING HOME
    the census is FULL 93 of 95 beds they only had 2 empty beds just until Friday when they quickly discharged 2 residents in the process to quietly empty the Nursing home ASAP to start their intended takeover plans rolling.

    1. Where is all the money going?  2. Didn’t they just buy one of their own properties did to save it and rent it out next to the high rise condominium they plan on building? 
    3. Did they even pay the 1.5M for the property if so to whom and where did it go?
    Mr. GARY AMBROSE Treasurer of the Board of Directors,Google him, he states that a man in his 60’s needs to have a part time job. He is the financial officer, he must know where the funds are going….

    They need to be investigated for fraud how can you trust these people with your money.  

    Who should trust Matthew Adam Property Inc. if they run their business with out a heart for the people.


    We are thinking of filming a YouTube video with the residents so that they may express how they feel about the Nursing Home closure, plus a Facebook account 

    Their are other organizations willing and able to purchase and operate the nursing home sell to them, if anyone needs their names just ask me in a comment and I will provide you with all the information. 

    Another RALLY is soon on it’s way stay tuned for the date at 228-232 E Broadway New York, NY.10002

    Thank you all and please support by showing at our RALLY when the date is posted.


  6. Many political and Jewish community leaders sent congratulatory telegrams to the Bialystoker Home, including Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lieutenant Governor Herbert Lehman, New York Mayor James Walker, Manhattan Borough President Samuel Levy, and B. Vladek, Manager of the Jewish Daily Forward.Mr. Sohn, in honor of the grand opening, wrote in the Stimme that the new facility would care not only for the elderly population at the time of its construction but would serve future generations of old and infirm people. His words were prophetic. Toward the end of his life, he was admitted as a resident of the Home, where he died on February 10, 1968. Many years ear-lier, he exhorted his followers to support the Home, for no one could know when he or she might need its services.

  7. I wholeheartedly agree that more needs to be done to keep the Nursing Home open. Where is Ira? Has any member of the Board of Directors come by to speak to the family or the Residents? No. Where’s the respect we deserve?

  8. My uncle received excellent care at Bialystoker several years ago,when he was admitted for Cardiac Rehabilitation.Not only did the nurses take excellent care of him,but so did the physical therapy staff.

  9. From 95 Residents at the time of the closure announcement down to 63 residents today Sept. 7, 2011 and counting. These discharge process is being done at lightning speed in regards to get the facility empty by the deadline, I wonder if Ira Meister had anything to do with the St. Vincent closure  as well.

    He better hope & pray he never slips/falls and break a hip or something ending up in a Nursing Home Rehabilitation Center for therapy.


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