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228 east broadway

Permits Filed For 28-Story Condo Tower Next to Bialystoker Building

Developers have filed permits with the NYC Department of Buildings to put up a 28-story tower next to the former Bialystoker Nursing Hone building on East Broadway. Round Square Development (then known as the Ascend Group) waged a lengthy battle last...

Developers Launch Campaign to Push Through Seward Park Air Rights Sale

Tonight the developers of the former Bialystoker nursing home site kick off a high stakes campaign to persuade the Seward Park Cooperative to sell some of its air rights for $48.6 million.

Value of Potential Seward Park Co-op Air Rights Deal Rises to $48.6 Million

The board of the Seward Park Cooperative is inching toward a referendum on the sale of air rights to a development group planning a large residential project alongside the former Bialystoker Nursing Home building at 228 East Broadway.

Memorial Plaques and Other Items From Bialystoker Home Safely Removed For Preservation

The Bialystoker Nursing Home on East Broadway closed more than five years ago, but even after the last patients were transferred to other locations, the center continued to house significant artifacts representing Jewish life on the Lower East Side dating from the 1930s.

Bialystoker Property Owners Agree to Pay $46.5 Million For Air Rights; Seward Park Co-op Vote Planned

The board of directors of the Seward Park Cooperative last night voted to schedule a referendum on a proposed sale of air rights to the developer of the former Bialystoker Nursing Home site at 228 East Broadway.

Seward Park Co-op Weighs Air Rights Sale to Developers of Bialystoker Property

There have been some interesting revelations in the last couple of weeks about the future of the former Bialystoker nursing home. Last month we reported that the city landmark at 228 East Broadway and development parcels on either side of...

Jewish Heritage Mural Painted Over as Former Bialystoker Building is Primed For Redevelopment

A piece of Lower East Side history is being erased this morning. Workers arrived earlier today at 232 East Broadway to paint over a mural that was created by a group of local teenagers more than 40 years ago. As...

Former Bialystoker Nursing Home Building Flipped For $47.5 Million (Updated)

The former Bialystoker Nursing Home building and two adjoining properties have been sold for $47.5 million.

Sale of Bialystoker Building Under Review; AG Says Board “Failed to Discharge Its Duties”

The Lo-Down has learned that the state Attorney General's office is reviewing a proposed sale of the former Bialystoker Nursing Home building and that a settlement agreement has been reached with board members who were under investigation for their...

City Council Committee Votes to Protect Bialystoker Nursing Home Building

The Bialystoker Nursing Home building at 228 East Broadway is one step away from officially becoming a New York City landmark.  The landmarks committee of the City Council voted a short time ago to sign off on a decision...
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