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Breaking: NYPD Shuts Down Mason Dixon, Los Feliz

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The 7th Precinct shut down two more Lower East Side bars tonight. Shortly after 8pm, police converged on Mason Dixon, 133 Essex, and Los Feliz, 109 Ludlow.  Numerous nightlife establishments have met the same fate in recent months, as the precinct takes a hard line on crowd control, late night noise, underage drinking and other issues.

Late this evening, signs were posted on the bars’ doors saying “closed by court order” and restraining order.”  They accuse the establishments of serving liquor to minors and (in the case of Mason Dixon) serving liquor “after hours.”

Mason Dixon and Los Feliz are owned by Rob Shamlian, one of the highest profile nightlife operators in the neighborhood.  Bar owners have complained about the 7th Precinct’s crackdown, which they believe is victimizing responsible owners by focusing on legal technicalities. Police officers, on the other hand, say the tactics are not only intended to address “quality of life concerns” but also to make sure the problems don’t escalate and lead to violent incidents.

Last month, the NYPD shut down the Gallery Bar on Orchard Street. It reopened a week later, after owners agreed to hire licensed security guards and look into improving soundproofing.

We’ll have more on the Los Feliz/Mason Dixon situation after we have a look at court documents.

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  1. There was a girl mugged outside Los Feliz last night at the same time 20 cops were inside “addressing quality of life concerns”.

  2. While I’m one to pay Los Feliz prices for tacos and tequila I don’t begrudge those who do whatever pleasure they derive from doing so. Most minors I know don’t have the kind of dough for that place, so I have a really hard time believing there’s a problem with underage drinking there. And I don’t like my tax dollars paying for a side of unnecessary police activity to spice the evening up for the patrons. I agree that for the money they’re dropping they ought to get some kind of a show, but I think it’s a little degrading to our men in blue to demand they provide it. On our collective dime, no less.

  3. Liquor East Side. The community board members who granted all of these liquor licenses deserve to be relieved of their duty. The neighborhood is like a field of vomit landmines from Thursday through Sunday.

    The overwhelming per-capita ratio of bars to inhabitants is uncontrolled. One can only hope that this situation is a temporary blight, like acne on a teenager. The nabe is due for a fresh page in the cycle of gentrification; out with the bars and in with more sustainable forms of culture, commerce, and art.

  4. I am all for business,but feel we need to have to have a moratorium on any new liquor licenses.Now they are opening up three new seattle based restaurants on Ludlow Street.This will only add to the noise and chaos on the block with patrons hanging out on our side of the street.

  5. Attended a party in Los Feliz basement and was sure that it would be a trap in the event of an emergency. Entire place was overcrowded. The crush on the stairs and in back by coat room was scary. Open candles were a hazard. Was glad when the party was over.

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