Timeshare Backyard Gets New Look for New Season

Brooklyn-based street artist Never works on the walls of the Timeshare Backyard on Ludlow Street. Photo by Tim Schreier.

As we noted last week, the Timeshare Backyard at 145 Ludlow Street is back for a second summer, and it celebrated the start of its season with some fresh coats of paint last Friday. The grassy lot between Orchard and Rivington streets welcomed the public to watch four street artists go to work on the brick walls surrounding the yard, already home to some distinctive graffiti.

“We tried to be really respectful of what was there,” said Jessica Resler, one of the founders of the Participation Agency, the group that runs the Backyard. “There’s definitely a lot that’s existing. But it’s great that a lot of people got to see this street art being made. People were saying, ‘It’s amazing someone can do that with a paint can.’”

Timeshare Backyard Returns to 145 Ludlow Street

Remember the Timeshare Backyard, the rent-by-the-hour space at 145 Ludlow Street?  Last summer, the project attracted a whole lot of mainstream media attention, as well as the ire of neighbors annoyed about late night noise coming from the summer party space.  Well, the Timeshare Backyard is back on the Lower East Side beginning this weekend.

This year the price per hour has doubled to $100.  Two hour slots are being offered through July 22nd. According to their web site,  times are already booked this coming Saturday and Sunday.  The backyard will shut down each night at 8 p.m. There’s also a note on the site that reads, “Timeshare Backyard does not have a liquor license so please plan your rentals accordingly.”

The space being used for the “backyard” is an empty lot owned by real estate developer/broker Sion Misrahi.


Neighbors Complain About Noise in the Timeshare Backyard

The Timeshare Backyard, 145 Ludlow Street.

There was quite a media frenzy surrounding the Timeshare Backyard, the “rent-by-the-hour” patch of grass that opened last week at 145 Ludlow Street.  It wasn’t too hard to predict what would come next: noise complaints from neighbors.  Community Board 3 reports some residents were unhappy with the sounds emanating from the space this past Saturday evening.

According to CB3 District Manager Susan Stetzer, noise from the empty lot ricocheted off of 143 and 147 Ludlow streets, the buildings on either side of the Timeshare Backyard.  The complaints were also forwarded to the Department of Buildings and the 7th Precinct.  When police visited the site, they did not find any violations. Stetzer noted that a temporary DOB permit allows use of the parcel, on a temporary basis, as a “private park.”  Anyone renting the “backyard” and hoping to serve alcohol would have to apply for a state liquor permit.

Timeshare Backyard Coming to 145 Ludlow

145 Ludlow Street.

An empty lot, 145 Ludlow, is getting a temporary makeover. Two event planners have rented the stalled construction site (between Rivington and Stanton) for the month of August and plan to turn it into a “Timeshare Backyard.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Jacqui Kavanagh and Jessica Resler of the Participation Agency (an events firm) will be renting the 3200 square foot lot by the hour to anyone seeking summertime suburban bliss:

Their business plan is simple. For $50 an hour, renters (and up to 30 of their friends) can enjoy the yard as is, or choose from a menu of add-ons ranging from a pack of hot dogs ($5, buns extra) to a Slip ‘n’ Slide ($100) to a live band ($5,000 and up). The women hired set designer Zac Mitchell to select the backyard props— the grills, the sprinkler and the boom box (complete with mix tapes filled with summer hits from the 1980s and 1990s). He’s also willing to fulfill renters’ more unusual requests. “If you can dream it, we can create it. We can make it snow in the yard or we can rent you a puppy,” Mr. Mitchell said.

The site is owned by Lower East Side realtor and developer Sion Misrahi. “This is exactly the kind of thing we should be doing with temporary space here rather than leaving it vacant,” Misrahi told the Journal.  He’s charging Kavanagh and Resler $12,000 for the month. They said other brokers balked at the idea, “citing noise concerns and the short-term nature of the lease.”   Loud events won’t be permitted after 8 p.m.

According to Buildings Department records, Mistrahi wants to build a six story building with 10 apartments and two commercial spaces at 145 Ludlow.  But the city has rejected the initial plans.  The lot has been vacant for about five years.