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timeshare backyard

Timeshare Backyard Gets New Look for New Season

As we noted last week, the Timeshare Backyard at 145 Ludlow Street is back for a second summer, and it celebrated the start of its season with some fresh coats of paint last Friday. The grassy lot between Orchard...

Timeshare Backyard Returns to 145 Ludlow Street

Remember the Timeshare Backyard, the rent-by-the-hour space at 145 Ludlow Street?  Last summer, the project attracted a whole lot of mainstream media attention, as well as the ire of neighbors annoyed about late night noise coming from the summer...

Neighbors Complain About Noise in the Timeshare Backyard

There was quite a media frenzy surrounding the Timeshare Backyard, the "rent-by-the-hour" patch of grass that opened last week at 145 Ludlow Street.  It wasn't too hard to predict what would come next: noise complaints from neighbors.  Community Board...

Timeshare Backyard Coming to 145 Ludlow

An empty lot, 145 Ludlow, is getting a temporary makeover. Two event planners have rented the stalled construction site (between Rivington and Stanton) for the month of August and plan to turn it into a "Timeshare Backyard." According to the...
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Lower East Side Arts & Events Weekly Roundup

Here are some suggestions for upcoming events that are on our radar: Essex Market brings back its “Talk & Taste”...
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