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Neighbors Complain About Noise in the Timeshare Backyard

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The Timeshare Backyard, 145 Ludlow Street.

There was quite a media frenzy surrounding the Timeshare Backyard, the “rent-by-the-hour” patch of grass that opened last week at 145 Ludlow Street.  It wasn’t too hard to predict what would come next: noise complaints from neighbors.  Community Board 3 reports some residents were unhappy with the sounds emanating from the space this past Saturday evening.

According to CB3 District Manager Susan Stetzer, noise from the empty lot ricocheted off of 143 and 147 Ludlow streets, the buildings on either side of the Timeshare Backyard.  The complaints were also forwarded to the Department of Buildings and the 7th Precinct.  When police visited the site, they did not find any violations. Stetzer noted that a temporary DOB permit allows use of the parcel, on a temporary basis, as a “private park.”  Anyone renting the “backyard” and hoping to serve alcohol would have to apply for a state liquor permit.

Yesterday, Timeshare Backyard organizer Jacqui Kavanagh said and partner Jessica Resler have been in close contact with both the precinct and the Buildings Department.  She said they are adhering to city regulations prohibiting “on-site vending,” including the sale of alcohol. As for the noise, Kavanagh emphasized they are determined to keep it “at a non-abrasive volume” and want to make sure the backyard project does not cause any conternation in the neighborhood.

145 Ludlow was rented to Kavanagh and Resler for the month of August by Lower East Side real estate developer Sion Misrahi. The lot has been vacant for about five years.


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  1. The music was loud. The dj played “party” music: Michael jackson, and every other lame overplayed top ten hit from the 80’s and 90’s.  I couldn’t hear my own radio.  Got a headache and left my apartment and went for a long long walk.  It was closed up when I got home.  Horrible.

  2. so let me get this straight-if you call in a noise complaint about a bar, the police will visit and ticket.  if you call in a noise complaint about this timeshare, they are within the law and okay.  frank miller is trying to drive out the bars, and now the residents.  welcome to nyc’s new hotel district.  screw the people that live there, we’re talking jobs!!

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