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Timeshare Backyard Returns to 145 Ludlow Street

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Remember the Timeshare Backyard, the rent-by-the-hour space at 145 Ludlow Street?  Last summer, the project attracted a whole lot of mainstream media attention, as well as the ire of neighbors annoyed about late night noise coming from the summer party space.  Well, the Timeshare Backyard is back on the Lower East Side beginning this weekend.

This year the price per hour has doubled to $100.  Two hour slots are being offered through July 22nd. According to their web site,  times are already booked this coming Saturday and Sunday.  The backyard will shut down each night at 8 p.m. There’s also a note on the site that reads, “Timeshare Backyard does not have a liquor license so please plan your rentals accordingly.”

The space being used for the “backyard” is an empty lot owned by real estate developer/broker Sion Misrahi.


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