Video: Man Injured as Banksy Exhibition Removed From Ludlow Street

Earlier this month, a man was hurt as workers removed a Banksy exhibition staged inside a vacant lot at 157 Ludlow St.  Video has now surfaced from that incident.

Photos: Banksy’s Halloween Happening in the Old “Billy’s Antiques” Lot

Photos by Tim Schreier.

Photos by Tim Schreier.

Tim Schreier stopped by East Houston near Elizabeth Street last night, where people were going nuts for the latest creation from Banksy.

Banksy’s “All City – McDonalds” Causes Commotion at Delancey and Essex

Lo-Down contributor Holly Ferrari sent along this photo from the corner of Essex and Delancey of what would appear to be Banksy’s “All City – McDonalds.” 

The Doors Have Come Off Banksy’s Ludlow Street Creation

Ludlow Street today. Photo by John Crommett.

Ludlow Street today. Photo by John Crommett.

Five days after it appeared on the Lower East Side, Banksy’s Ludlow Street installation, is being pretty well picked apart.

Banksy on Ludlow Street: The View From Above

banksy ludlow 1

Photographer Tim Schreier is just back with some nice images from Ludlow Street, where the latest Banksy got noticed a few hours ago. It’s quite a scene on the stretch between Stanton and Rivington streets; a blue tarp was lifted today to reveal the British street artist’s newest work. 

A New Banksy Appears on Ludlow Street

The latest Banksy piece has popped up on Ludlow Street, just above Stanton.  And it’s quite an elaborate piece of work, at that.

Banksy’s Allen Street Work is Removed (Updated 8:29 a.m.)

Social media exploded this afternoon after it was discovered that Banksy had kicked off a month-long New York City exhibition on the side of a building at 18 Allen St., near Canal.  It only took a few hours before someone had messed with the mysterious artist’s new work.