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allegra LaViola gallery

Allegra LaViola Hosts Rat Dinner

Some foodies swear they’ll try any dish once, but if any meat can unnerve the Lower East Side’s most adventurous eaters, it has to be the one our friend Allegra LaViola is serving tomorrow night: rat. Yes, the Allegra...

Gallery Goer: What to See This Week

You can always count on Allegra LaViola Gallery for unusual work that gets people chattering. So expect no less from the gallery’s latest show The Invisible Line, a solo exhibition of new work by Ellen Jong curated by Mr....

Third Thursdays – Featured Gallery: Allegra LaViola

Tomorrow night, the neighborhood will stay open late for Third Thursdays, a new monthly event from the LES Business Improvement District showcasing the Lower East Side’s flourishing arts scene.  Galleries will be staying open until 9pm and the New...

Be Meat & Drink, An Interactive “Knish Konnection” at Allegra LaViola

There's an intriguing and highly interactive exhibit based on the idea of meat and potatoes, knishes and blind dates, happening at the Allegra LaViola Gallery right now.  The show, "Be Meat & Drink (a test kitchen for KNISH KONNECTION),"...

Controversial LES Gallery Show is Mainstream Media Magnet

Last week (via ArtInfo), we took a look at "Pornucopia," the provocative exhibition at the Allegra LaViola Gallery, 179 East Broadway.  This week, the mainstream media can't seem to get enough of the story:  

Provocative Paintings Rile Neighbors on East Broadway

A new show at the Allegra LaViola Gallery, 179 East Broadway, is not going over very well with some residents on the Lower East Side. The exhibition, "Pornucopia," went up February 4th. ArtInfo reports this morning: "rumblings of dissatisfaction...
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Apartment of the Week, Sponsored by LoHo Realty

Large 2-bedroom apartment with private balcony featuring beautiful overlooking the co-ops manicured private park, as well as parts of...
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