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Be Meat & Drink, An Interactive “Knish Konnection” at Allegra LaViola

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Artists Joy Tomasko and Phoebe Joel with their exhibition, "Be Meat & Drink," at Allegra LaViola Gallery - photo by A. Jesse Jiryu Davis

There’s an intriguing and highly interactive exhibit based on the idea of meat and potatoes, knishes and blind dates, happening at the Allegra LaViola Gallery right now.  The show, “Be Meat & Drink (a test kitchen for KNISH KONNECTION),” is being put on by collaborating artists Phoebe Joel and Joy Tomasko.

Joel has put herself on an unusual diet of meat and potatoes, but without the “salicylates, amines, glutamate and other natural and industrial food chemicals and additives that are abundant in our everyday lives via our diets.” At the show, she then consumes the actual chemicals in pill form and notes her physical reactions.

Tomasko hosts the Knish Konnection: People sign up online for a blind date in the gallery space, where Tomasko serves “blind pairings” (little edible experiments that are related to the knish) to the couple in a tiny “seating area.”  She then observes their reactions and interacts accordingly.

The show is an Editor’s Pick in ArtInfo this week.  You can see more photos from the event here.

The “kitchen” (downstairs at Allegra LaViola) is open Saturdays from noon to 6:00pm.  The next performance is this Saturday, April 16. Residue of the courses will also be available during normal gallery hours. Attendees are asked to bring a potato to participate in the weekly performances. RSVP to receive the menu and make reservations at potato@knishkonnection.com.  Allegra LaViola is at 179 East Broadway.

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