“Cocktail Bodega” Set to Open Next Week

Matt Levine and his team at Cocktail Bodega are getting ready for the launch of the new venue at 205 Chrystie Street/19 Stanton Street.  Here’s a promotional image for one of the new bar’s alcohol-infused cocktails — the “Wheatgrass Jim Beam.”  We hear the Sons of Essex honcho plans to open Cocktail Bodega next week.  As Grub Street indicated recently, the place has “aluminum picnic tables and bleachers” on the main floor, while downstairs there’s “a grittier vibe, with graffitied walls, subway seats, and a dubstep-and-jungle soundtrack.”


Cocktail Bodega from Sons of Essex Team Debuts May 15

In February, developer Michael Shah announced he had bought into 205 Chrystie/19 Stanton Street, a five-story mixed-use building.  Shah, who along with Matt Levine opened hot spot “Sons of Essex” a few months ago, said they planned a new “restaurant and lounge concept” at 205 Chrystie. Now we hear the new venue has a name and a tentative opening date.

Word is that construction is underway inside the two-level space, which will be called “Cocktail Bodega.”  If all goes according to plan, the new venue will open May 15th.

In a February news release, Shah said:

DelShah Capital absolutely loves the Lower East Side. As a neighborhood, it is further gentrifying and epitomizes the melting pot of New York City. The area is also home to some of the city’s most interesting art galleries, fashion boutiques, new restaurants and leisure locations. It’s no surprise that more and more people are moving here from all parts of the city – there is growing potential for commercial and residential real estate in this neighborhood.