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Cocktail Bodega from Sons of Essex Team Debuts May 15

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In February, developer Michael Shah announced he had bought into 205 Chrystie/19 Stanton Street, a five-story mixed-use building.  Shah, who along with Matt Levine opened hot spot “Sons of Essex” a few months ago, said they planned a new “restaurant and lounge concept” at 205 Chrystie. Now we hear the new venue has a name and a tentative opening date.

Word is that construction is underway inside the two-level space, which will be called “Cocktail Bodega.”  If all goes according to plan, the new venue will open May 15th.

In a February news release, Shah said:

DelShah Capital absolutely loves the Lower East Side. As a neighborhood, it is further gentrifying and epitomizes the melting pot of New York City. The area is also home to some of the city’s most interesting art galleries, fashion boutiques, new restaurants and leisure locations. It’s no surprise that more and more people are moving here from all parts of the city – there is growing potential for commercial and residential real estate in this neighborhood.


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  1. I’m sure the Chinatown community will be pleased to know
    that you “are trying to capture the opium den feeling” in your new

    Do you know the role opium dens played in the history of
    China?  A quick refresher… the
    Brits forced China to accept the addiction of it’s people to opium so that
    British merchants could make a killing. There’s a statue of Lin Zexu who stood
    up to them on Chattam Square. The Opium Wars insued.

    The opium trade had a disastrous affect on China.  By one account, in the 1830’s the total
    number of addicts in China was as high as 12 million. The opium trade “was a
    turning point in the national life of the Chinese race.”

    Our local Chinatown was riddled with opium dens and addicts
    as a result.

    And just to add … the park that
    this would face is called Sarah Delano Roosevelt Park. The Delano’s made their
    fortune in the opium trade.

    Aside from that…nothing like a fake bodega to bring back
    the feel of this mixed race, mixed class neighborhood.

    No need to say anything about that bit of silliness from
    the developer..

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