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Breaking: Fire at Beth Hamedrash Hagadol Synagogue

Firefighters are battling to save what's left of Beth Hamedrash Hagadol, the historic synagogue at 60 Norfolk St. You can see and smell the smoke from blocks away on the Lower East Side tonight.

Seward Park Library Hosts Oral Storytelling Workshop With The Moth

Over the last few months, we've been following the Lower East Side Oral History Project that's being overseen by the Seward Park Library and the Chinatown Legacy Project at the Chatham Square Library.

Sponsored: LoHo Realty Announces New Team Member, Eric Ferrara

LoHo Realty is extremely pleased to announce that Eric Ferrara has joined our amazing LoHo team! We view this as a great move for Eric, for us and, most importantly, for LoHo Realty’s clients and the Lower East Side....

American Political Items For Collectors Show Comes to the L.E.S.

In case you've recently found yourself longing for bygone political eras, you may want to check out this unusual pre-Super Bowl event coming up on Sunday -- it's the annual Big Apple Chapter of the American Political Items Collectors...

Lower East Side Oral History Project Hosts Kickoff Jan. 19

A few weeks ago we mentioned the New York Public Library's Lower East Side Oral History Project. So far, more than 30 interviews have been posted online featuring some of your neighbors. Coming up on Jan. 19, the library is hosting a kickoff celebration.

(Photos) 1969 Explosion That Rocked Delancey Street

As Gothamist first noted a short time ago, the New York City Fire Department has uploaded some amazing photos showing a huge gas explosion on Delancey Street nearly 50 years ago. It happened on Jan. 3, 1969. Luckily, there were...

Museum at Eldridge Street Opens Exhibit of Early 20th Century Postcards From the Lower East Side

A fascinating exhibition opens tomorrow evening at the Museum at Eldridge Street.

Up Next Week, Two Events For Historical Food Enthusiasts

Next Wednesday, two local museums present two different mouthwatering takes on culinary history: the Tenement Museum looks at "Eight Flavors: The Untold Story of American Cuisine," by historical gastronomist Sarah Lohman, while the Museum of Chinese in America...

Lower East Side Students: It’s Time to Properly Recognize “First White House”

Here's an Election Day diversion. We thought it would be a good time to revisit a part of the Lower East Side's presidential history this morning.

Zarin Fabrics: Looking Back at 80 Years on the Lower East Side

The store has outlasted its Lower East Side competitors and overcome many obstacles in its eight decades of existence.
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Grand Cutters Celebrates 20 Years With 20% Off (Sponsored)

Grand Cutters is celebrating its 20th year in business, and we'd like to celebrate with you all and show...
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