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Lower East Side Links

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Photo: Early morning ping pong at Luther Gulick Park.

In the news:

–The Times endorses Dan Goldman in the New York District 10 Democratic Primary. [The New York Times]

–Errol Louis says of the Times’ endorsement: “In a mini-masterpiece of elite liberal reasoning, the Times made no reference to any of the local representatives in the district or the gritty, difficult neighborhood issues on which they have toiled away over the years — sorry, Niou, Rivera, and Simon! — but the board reassured its readers that ‘Those who have worked with Mr. Goldman behind the scenes describe him as diligent and prepared and a person of integrity.’ (Translation: queries within the alumni networks of Sidwell Friends, Yale, and Stanford Law, from which Goldman graduated, turned up good reports and no scandals.)” [New York Magazine]

–A recap from a televised debate featuring the candates competing in the NY-10 Congressional Primary. [Politico]

–In an interview, NY-10 candidate Carlina Rivera talks about some of those opposing the East Side Coastal Resiliency Project, saying, in part, “sometimes there’s a very well-resourced vocal minority of people who don’t reflect the quieter, more silent majority of people that can’t spend all their time on Twitter.” [New York Magazine]

–Yuh-Line Niou, another NY-10 contender, talks about her record as a Lower Manhattan assembly member and her priorities if elected to Congress. [Gotham Gazette]

–Police have arrested a teen in connection with what police have described as a gang war that resulted in several murders, including that of Nikki Huang, whose family has roots on the Lower East Side. [New York Post]

–A look at how congestion pricing might be implemented in Manhattan. [The Guardian]

Next month the Downtown Community Television Center launches a documentary cinema in New York City at its headquarters on Lafayette Street. [Indie Wire]

–The art gallery Magenta Plains make the move from Allen Street to a much larger space at 149 Canal St. [ARTNews]

–At last!: “What once felt like an in-crowd secret is curdling. With every article, Substack entry and half-scathing, half-affectionate tweet about Dimes Square, the scene, whatever it is or whatever it was, gets run further and further into the ground.” [Daily Beast]

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