Track the History of the Lower East Side With the Eldridge Street Museum and the Seward Park Library

The Eldridge Street Museum is collaborating with the Seward Park Library for what looks to be an interesting “tour” of the history of the Lower East Side, from each of their perspectives. You can tune in online for “As it Was: A Virtual Tour of the Lower East Side” on August 24th at 6:00pm. Along with documenting how the neighborhood has grown and changed from 1880 to the present, rare images and newspaper articles about Eldridge Street Synagogue and the Seward Park Library will be shared.

They write:

The history of the Lower East Side over the last century is one of constant change and transformation. From 1880 to the present, the Lower East Side saw unparalleled growth, waves of immigrants flooding its streets, and the rise of the first public parks and libraries in the area. This virtual tour of the Lower East Side will take you through multiple phases of the neighborhood’s history and the ways its residents worshiped, played, studied, and fought for their place in a new land. Explore how the neighborhood has changed, and how the Museum at Eldridge Street and Seward Park Library, which continue to serve residents after almost 150 years, have changed with it.

You can register and learn more here.