Abrons Arts Center Announces Spring Lineup

Abrons Arts Center has announced its Spring 2022 Season. Offering a variety of multidisciplinary programming, the season leans into a local community-based focus and intergenerational engagement.

They note: The programs mark the shift from a time of isolation and disconnectedness to one with collaboration and celebration at the Center.

The lineup includes a continuing collaboration with Wing on Wo’s the W.O.W. Project with the second edition of From Chinatown, With Love, a Lunar New Year calendar featuring illustrations by Sarula Bao, Singha Hon, and Laura Lee.

It also continues with fireside monthly ceremonial gatherings, “Kinstillatory Mappings in Light and Dark Matter.” Each month, host Emily Johnson invites guest artists and organizers to share stories and performances in honor and protection of the land, water, and air of Lenapehoking, the homelands of the Lenapeyok, where Abrons Arts Center is located.

In the Court of the Conqueror, a solo performance by george emilio sanchez delves into how U.S. courts have diminished the Tribal Sovereignty of Native Nations. The piece also shares sanchez’s experiences of navigating generational trauma and Indigenous identity while being raised in an Ecuadorian immigrant household.

“For generations, New York City has been an incubator for social, cultural and intellectual innovation,” says Artistic Director Ali Rosa-Salas. “The Spring 2022 season is deeply influenced by this legacy and how creative communities around the Lower East Side and New York City at large continue to shepherd this process.“

“Throughout the pandemic, Abrons continued to support our communities in a variety of ways. Even without audiences, we remained open for resident artists and creators to have the space and support they needed to continue making work. Now, as we continue our long journey back from Covid, we’re thrilled to have artists sharing their work with our audiences once again. This season is a testament to how vital artists are in our collective ability to transcend challenges and process the world around us,” says Executive Artistic Director Craig T. Peterson.