SPAM – “Specially Processed American Me” Premiers at Dixon Place

After some early January cancellations, due to Omicron, live performances at Dixon Place are back (with COVID restrictions in place). The world premiere production of Jaime Sunwoo’s Specially Processed American Me debuts on January 27th and runs through February 19th. The show is touted as an absurd comedy packed with sober tragedy.

They write: “Co-directed by Sunwoo and Karim Muasher, and commissioned by Dixon Place, the multimedia theater work investigates SPAM’s legacy in the military, its significance in the Asia-Pacific, and its influence on Asian cuisine as it reveals the stories of three generations of women. Through a narrative collage of oral history, video, music, and shadowplay, SPAM becomes a powerful symbol of colonization, immigration, assimilation, American dreams and disillusionment, inviting us to examine the memories we hold onto and those we leave behind.”

“Part of American soldiers’ military rations, it was introduced to the Asia-Pacific during World War II and the Korean War—either by soldiers giving it away, or through the black market. It was quickly adopted into numerous local cuisines because of the scarcity of meat and its ability to stay fresh without refrigeration. In this kaleidoscopic, surreal vision, audiences encounter former Hormel President, and heir to his Hormel-founding father’s porcine throne, Jay Hormel; the WWII-veteran-comprised SPAM-promoting musical group Hormel Girls; Korean Shamanic rituals; SPAM-centric mukbang clips; spirits; a brigade of shadowy memories; and more SPAM; as they experience the coming-of-age of Jaime, a Korean American teenager growing up in New York and eating a variety of SPAM dishes (SPAM musubi, kimbap, fried rice) along the way.”

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