Pilates for All, Pilates for Life, Pilates on Ludlow (Sponsored)

Pilates reformer is a low-impact, whole-body workout that is adaptable for all ages and fitness levels. Our certified Pilates instructors guide you through controlled movement and muscle activations that can help make it more comfortable to walk, sit, and bend and lead to improvement in overall health. 

Pilates reformer & Pilates mat are complementary workouts. The reformer apparatus is highly versatile and enables precision in muscle isolation that mat exercises do not. Movements are organized to improve postural control and balance and achieve additional fitness goals.

Studies published by the National Institutes of Health show that older adults who work out on a Pilates reformer can:

·         Reduce the risk of falling

·         Significantly improve balance and functional mobility

·         Improve hip and ankle active range of motion, strengthen lower back and shoulders

Classes at Pilates on Ludlow incorporate the reformer and/or jumpboard and combo chair and a variety of props. 

Questions? Text or call 212-353-1301 or visit the studio at 77 Ludlow Street at Broome.

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