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Lower East Side Celebrates Biden Victory; See How Your Neighbors Voted

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Biden/Harris win… The Lower East Side celebrates!

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When Joe Biden and Kamala Harris finally clinched Pennsylvania this morning and the Associated Press and the television networks declared the Democratic presidential ticket notorious, there were spontaneous celebrations across the city. The Lower East Side included. You can hear what it sounded like on Instagram (see our post embedded above).

We’re always curious to see how the vote breaks down in our corner of the world. In New York, Biden currently has 58.3% of the vote while Trump has 40.4%. That’s with 84% reporting (absentee ballots are still trickling in).  What about the Lower East Side? Thanks to Gothamist, we have a handy map breaking down the unofficial vote by state assembly district.


In the 65th Assembly District, which includes the Lower East Side and all of lower Manhattan below Houston Street, Biden has 79%, while Trump pulled in 20%. In the assembly district, almost 93% of the votes have been counted so far. The precinct level numbers show that Election District 8 – that’s just below the Brooklyn Bridge at Southbridge Towers – had the most Trump voters. It was 277 for Biden and 187 for Trump there. The second highest was the adjacent district, Election District 7. The third highest was Election District 31. That’s Confucius Plaza, Chinatown’s largest residential building. The vote count at that precinct was 294 for Biden and 122 for Trump.

If you want to look for yourself, here’s the break-down in the 65th Assembly District. You’ll also need to consult the district-level precinct map.

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