Police Look For Suspect in Attempted Rape Early Friday in Rivington Street Building

Police are looking for a suspect who followed a woman into a building at Norfolk and Rivington streets early Friday morning and tried to rape her.

The incident happened at about 12:30 a.m. Cops say the man trailed the victim up the stairway to her apartment and shoved her through the door. Cops say the suspect groped the woman and attempted to take off her clothes. The woman screamed, forcing the suspect to flee.

A neighbor across the hall told Channel 7, “I did hear the commotion that I can say. And I did hear her say ‘no, no!’ But saying somebody’s name as she’s saying ‘no, no!’ I thought it was just a dispute between girlfriend and boyfriend, and he had left. After I heard all the EMS, and now I’m starting to realize what had happened.”

Police say the suspect is in his late 20s to early 30s and is bout 6-feet tall, weighing 170-180 pounds. He was last seen wearing a brown waist-length jacket and black jeans.

If you have information about this crime, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

UPDATE 5:16 p.m. In a bizarre side note to this story, a Channel 7 reporter filing a live report from the Lower East Side was attacked by a man wearing a hockey mask.


The altercation has, of course, become tabloid fodder. The Daily News:

CeFaan Kim was wrapping up a live report on Delancey St. near Norfolk St. when the assailant in a hockey mask put an arm around Kim’s neck at about 11 p.m. Friday. “Put the camera on me!” the man said just as Kim finished his broadcast. “What’s up! What’s up!” As Kim and the stranger struggled, the masked man pushed and shoved the reporter, knocking him to the ground… The assailant ran off after a brief stare down and has not been caught, cops said. Kim was not injured.

And the Post:

A Jason Vorhees-wannabe attacked a reporter during a live news broadcast on the Lower East Side, startling video shows.

The masked man has not been caught.

UPDATE 3/6 The man wanted in the attack on Channel 7’s CeFaan Kim is Key Jonta Foster. Over the weekend, he spoke with the New York Post. Foster, who goes by the stage name, Majesty Da Rebel, says he was trying to promote his musical career.  “The reason I did it was because I knew I’d get negative feedback from it,” Foster told The Post. “I can always flip that. I saw an opportunity and took the opportunity to promote my video and mixed tape. From the beginning, it was friendly — I put my arm around him, and then he pushed me, grabbed me.”   — NYPD 7th Precinct (@NYPD7Pct) March 4, 2017