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Clockwork Bar Owners Release Statement Denouncing Attack by White Supremacists

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A WABC news van was parked outside the bar on Essex Street this afternoon.
A WABC news van was parked outside the bar on Essex Street this afternoon.

More this afternoon on the attack by white supremacists Saturday night of two men outside the Clockwork Bar at 21 Essex St. The men were beaten and slashed by a gang who apparently took offense to an anti-fascist sticker on one of the victims’ cell phones.

Today the owners of Clockwork Bar are out with a statement:

Clockwork Bar would like to express its concern for the victims of the attacks on Feb. 11 on Essex and Hester streets. Our hearts go out to them. And we pray for a speedy recovery. We would also like to state clearly that Clockwork Bar does NOT endorse, sympathize, nor invite the views and beliefs of Neo-Nazi, supremacist hate groups. These groups and their views are not welcome at our establishment. They have never been, nor will ever be invited or allowed in our bar. We apologize for what happened and are taking steps to prevent future instances as well as working with the NYPD to increase awareness and security for our patrons. Furthermore, it is fundamental to Clockwork Bar, its ownership and staff that we are not a Neo-Nazi, white supremacist or hate group association establishment. Clockwork is about music, friendship and good times. Anything else is hereby prohibited.

As the New York Post first reported, two 27-year-old brothers were attacked by a gang of six or seven men. They were wearing matching vests with patches that read, “211 Crew,” a white nationalist organization. The victims were punneled and scut with a knife, and both required treatment for head wounds.

The cell phone sticker read, “New York Anti-Fascists.” DNA Info noted that the group is, “dedicated to combating ‘fascist cultural and political organizing.'” It was recently part of a violent protest at NYU.  The website also reported that John Young, the one suspect arrested so far, is from Washington, D.C.

Gothamist has more details on the “211 Crew.”

The 211 Crew/211 Bootboys are a New York City area skinhead group. Rather than explicitly espousing Nazi or white supremacist ideology, bands that perform as part of the crew’s oi punk scene couch their rhetoric and the lyrics in ultra-nationalism and Islamophobia, meaning white skinheads make common cause with minorities who espouse ethno-nationalism while also sometimes associating with outright neo-Nazis. Members organize the annual Oi! Fest in New York, which last year was forced to move venues after one night due to outrage about its content. Video of the event showed attendees openly making Nazi salutes despite what appeared to be organizer Dennis Davila’s pre-show exhortations for fans to tone down the Nazi stuff.

Clockwork Bar’s owners are scheduled to meet with officers at the 7th Precinct tomorrow.

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