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Median, Public Art Coming to South Street Greenway

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Image from Department of Transportation presentation.
Image from Department of Transportation presentation.

A lot of plans are now being put in motion to make the waterfront along the East River a more enjoyable and accessible place.  There’s the $335 million flood protection berm above Montgomery Street, a new park at Pier 42 and a recreational space at Pier 35. Last week, officials with the department of Transportation outlined a much more modest initiative that, hopefully, will make the area safer.

At the invitation of State Sen. Daniel Squadron, they gathered with a small group of residents last week at Two Bridges Tower, a building located near the Manhattan Bridge. Squadron said the city has agreed to make improvements along a stretch of South Street from Rutgers Street to Montgomery Street.

Right now, there’s no separation between the bike lanes and the roadway. Sometime this year, the DOT plans to create a six-inch high median to more clearly set the greenway apart from the automobile lanes. They intend to place a public art project or projects on top of the new median.

Last Wednesday night, staff from the Hester Street Collaborative facilitated a discussion with residents about the public art. The art proposal will eventually make its way to Community Board 3. if you’re an artist interested in the project, contact Hester Street Collaborative here.

south street greenway1

south street greenway 3

south street greenway 4

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  1. I guess the medians w keep busses and other vehicles from pulling up on the curb. Not sure it war rents this much attention. The art seems like a hazard to bikers.

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