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Can We Say So Long to That Pesky Grand/Clinton Street Lake? Hopefully

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Grand and Essex streets, southeast corner. Photo by Linda Jones.
Grand and Clinton streets, southeast corner. Photo by Linda Jones.

If you pass by the southeast corner of Clinton and Grand streets, the scene depicted above is a familiar one. Pretty much any time there’s significant snow or rain, the intersection becomes a big lake, making it difficult for pedestrians to get from one side of the street to the other. On top of the fact that the ponding causes unsafe conditions for pedestrians, it also causes problems for the public bus stop located just to the east of the intersection. Well, local residents and management of the Seward Park Cooperative complained to State Sen. Daniel Squadron. He, in turn, complained to the Department of Transportation, which agreed to make repairs. They’re hopeful that will happen next week.


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  1. Great news. Let’s hope the southeast corner of Columbia and Delancey can be next, as the ponding there forces kids into Delancey Street when trying to get from the M14D bus stop to PS110.

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