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Remembering Rothstein’s Hardware; Free Posters Available Today

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As we have been reporting, two single story commercial buildings at 50 Clinton St. will soon be swept away for a new 7-level luxury condo project. Several local businesses were forced to close or relocate as a result, including Rothstein’s Hardware store. The current owners opened a new store over on Ridge Street. This morning, we received an interesting email from Rachel Zaretsky, a great-granddaughter of the original Rothstein’s owner. Here’s what she wrote:

As you have posted on your site in previous months, the building and several former businesses surrounding it are being demolished to make way for a luxury condo development. I posted an ad on craigslist and someone responded and suggested I write to you. I made newsprint posters of photographs I took while walking through the whole space (basement included) when I found out it would be closing. They are free and I’d like to offer anyone who cares a chance to look at a place that no longer exists -an expired location- that had some significance to me and the neighborhood. I will be standing by the scaffolding from 2-5 pm today, Thursday February 26th. 

Here’s the craigslist ad.  Rothstein’s Hardware was located at 50 Clinton St. for 60 years.

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  1. Another so sad situation. I am out of town but would have gone down there Thursday. Thank you for all you and your family have done.

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