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Reed Space Plans National Partnership With PacSun

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Image via Jeff Staple's Instagram.
Image via Jeff Staple’s Instagram.

Pioneering Lower East Side lifestyle brand Reed Space is planning a major expansion.  Here’s how the company’s founder, Jeff Staple, explained it on Reed Space’s website today:

For the past few months, I have been working behind the scenes to figure out a way to bring Reed Space, our flagship retail boutique based in the Lower East Side of NYC—to as many people as possible in America and beyond. The immediate answer is of course, “The Internet”. But the whole reason why I even have a store is because some experiences can’t be replicated digitally. Customer Service, Experiences, Interaction, Discovery…these are things that the web hasn’t gotten right (yet). Physically walking into a space to discover new things and meet interesting people is still my favorite thing in the world to do. So then the begs the question—how do I get Reed Space all across the country? (And ideally, see it happen in my lifetime!) The answer was simple. Find a retail partner that has a large footprint in this country AND that has the same vision for uplifting this thing we call “street culture”…and work with them to make this dream into a reality. The answer is simple—getting there? Not so simple. The conversation with PacSun began over a year ago and I decided that they were the ideal retailer that could carry through the vision of Reed Space in its purest form. Now…the journey to make this happen is finally coming to fruition—but this is really only the beginning! With one Reed Space in the LES of NYC, 12 years ago—look at how far the culture has come. When we opened, there was literally no category for what we were doing. Now it’s an industry giant. What will happen now that the same spirit of Reed Space is seeded all over this country? I have no idea! But fuck, it’s gonna be interesting to see. The first Reed Space / PacSun stores will open on November 20th, 2014 at Glendale, CA, San Francisco/Market St, and Queens Center Mall/NYC. Then look out for more right away in 2015. And of course, Reed Space LES will continue to serve as the faithful beacon for the entire Creative Community.

Reed Space’s flagship store is located at 151 Orchard St.

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