Family Recipe on Eldridge Street Closing June 22

Family Recipe opened in 2011 to much praise for its homestyle Japanese cooking.

Family Recipe served homestyle Japanese cooking at 231 Eldridge St.

The Lower East Side restaurant ranks have lost a few power-hitters in recent weeks. Sorella closed at the end of May, and then pioneering chef Wylie Dufresne announced that he would shutter wd~50 later this year. This weekend, the owners of Family Recipe announced that Sunday, June 22, would be their last dinner service at 231 Eldridge St.

Writing on the restaurant’s Facebook page, Chef Akiko Thurnauer said: “Thank you so much for all your support. We had an amazing journey.” She also noted that all bottles of wine are half-price this week.

Thurnauer’s homestyle Japanese cooking created a base of loyal fans in the restaurant’s three years, and garnered an editor’s pick for best vegetarian restaurant in The Lo-Down’s 2013 Best of the LES survey.

2 comments to Family Recipe on Eldridge Street Closing June 22

  • Jill Fehrenbacher

    oh this is such a bummer! Family Recipe is such a wonderful restaurant!

  • Julian Hitchcock

    Although the restaurant is closed, Akiko will continue to do catering out of the space until it is sold. For information on purchasing the lease and improvements from Akiko please contact me: