SPURA Timeline 2009-2013: The Long Road to a Development Deal

Rendering: Essex Crossing. ShoP Architects.

Last week’s big news concerning the Seward Park site – the selection of developers for the billion dollar project – ends a chapter in the Lower East Side’s longest-running saga. 

Rendering: Essex Crossing. ShoP Architects.
Rendering: Essex Crossing. ShoP Architects.

The story isn’t over by any means; it’s getting even more interesting.  But for those of you who maybe weren’t completely engaged in the SPURA process the last few years and are in need of a little crash course, here it is.  We’ve assembled links to 23 key Seward Park stories The Lo-Down has published since the middle of 2009. Enjoy!

September 18, 2013: Mayor, developers Unveil Essex Crossing Plan

July 7, 2013: City briefs CB3 on Seward Park RFP process

January 9, 2013: Seward Park RFP Released

October 24, 2012: Affordable housing activist added to Seward Park task force

October 11, 2012: City Council approves Seward Park land use application

May 24, 2012: After city promises permanent affordability, Community Board 3 approves SPURA ULURP

May 17, 2012: Nine SPURA task force members vote against ULURP, citing city betrayal

May 1, 2012: SPURA issue is the cover story of The Lo-Down’s first print magazine

March 16, 2012: City outlines preliminary land use application; CB3 dissatisfied with key points

July 17, 2011: SPURA committee members want protections for Essex Street Market vendors

June 30, 2011: CB3 approves SPURA design guidelines

April 20, 2011: Local activists seek historic protection for Essex Street Market

April 1, 2011: SPURA Committee discusses design guidelines, including building height

March 2, 2011: Beyer Blinder Belle planner sets stage for urban design deliberations

January 28,2011: Community Board 3 approves SPURA Guidelines

January 25, 2011: SPURA Committee approves planning guidelines; Sheldon Silver finally offers his support

December 14, 2010: Discussion of race issue; committee considers whether middle income housing could help forge deal

August 2, 2010: SPURA panel remains deeply divided on issue of affordable housing

June 23, 2010: Affordable housing activists push for public subsidies in SPURA project

April 21, 2010: Urban planners begin working with SPURA committee

November 17, 2009: McWater threatens to suspend work of SPURA task force

September 22, 2009: SPURA Matters report is released

June 10, 2009: McWater wants SPURA “statement of principles” by end-of-year