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YO! Bus Stop Proposed on Pike Street, Near East Broadway

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Proposed bus stop on Pike Street.

Community Board 3 is out with its November meeting agendas. One item of particular interest: the transportation committee’s November 14th hearing, which will include a proposal from Greyhound for a bus stop on Pike Street, between East Broadway and Division.   In September, residents beat back a plan from Greyhound’s new discount “YO! Bus” service for a stop in front of Seward Park on Essex Street.

The agenda indicates the stop would “would be on the small median (not the sidewalk directly adjacent to the former gas station).  The closest street address is 2 Pike Street.”

The meeting takes place at 6:30 p.m. on November 14th at LaMama, 47 Great Jones Street.


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  1. Here we go again. I feel bad for Albert Chan. Despite all his efforts back in 2009 to regain control of his block (and some say the genesis of the bus wars), he will have to fight once again. Although not directly outside his doorstep, it’s still a slap in the face. He will still have some of the same problems. Didn’t federal DOT officials just hold a press conference here a few years ago proclaiming victory against these chinatown buses? That particular area is packed with pedestrians and can be challenging for drivers who are not familiar with “local” residents. We probably won’t see the same rallying cry as Essex St. simply because the immediate surrounding residents and business don’t really seem to care. For those who do, I’d focus on the proposed bus route in and out of that stop, the route to and from the layover (wherever that will be) and pedestrian safety considering the stop is basically in the middle of the street. Greyhound/Yo is now focusing on perceived “weaker” neighborhoods to avoid the Essex St. debacle. Good Luck Albert.

  2. A reasonable choice, in my view, since it is in a more commercialized area and on a main thoroughfare. Also, the use of the median is a very good idea. But longer term a bus terminal is needed as is shelter for passengers

  3. There is no shelter for the riders. The fumes and comings and goings of the buses will bring the same particles the affect our lungs and allergies. A terrible solution. The bus company should spend the money and buy or build a terminal of some sort. It’s ridiculous to think of them using a medial strip as a terminal. Absurd solution. No bathrooms. So security for customers. No responsibility on part of bus company.

  4. Seems reasonable. It’s a heavily trafficked street and not that residential and closer to the demo target for bus riders

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