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Photos: The Day After Sandy

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Thanks to Lo-Down reader Chris Castillo for sending us this photo of his view of the FDR just below the Williamsburg Bridge this morning.

Here are some more photos from the “day after” tour we took this morning.  Crews were out working on clearing trees in the street fairly early.

A large tree fell on two cars on East Broadway.
A destroyed vehicle on Pike Slip.

More photos after the jump.

A tree down on Clinton St.
A tree down on Pitt Street in front of Emigrant Bank.
Only emergency vehicles were allowed across the bridge.

One smiling face amid closed store fronts: Maggie Rogers, the baker for Pushcart Coffee was serving fresh baked goodies out of the Cowboy Pizza oven this morning.

Scaffolding blown apart on Grand Street.
Lumber blown across Pike Street.



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