PHOTOS: Corlears Hook Park Clean-up

Lucie at the Dog Run. Photo by Andrea DiFiore.

Thanks to Lo-Down reader Andrea DiFiore for sending us her photos from the Corlears Hook Park clean-up effort this past weekend.  It looks like it may be a while before dogs (and dog owners) are able to use the dog run again.

Corlears Dog Run Clean-up. Photo by Andrea DiFiore.

Grand Street, 5:40 pm


Corlear’s Hook Park Dog Run is Crushed

The Lower East Side’s only leash-free dog run at Corlear’s Hook Park is buried under large downed trees. Photo courtesy of Elena Robledo/Dream Come True K9

One of the best things about the Corlear’s Hook Park dog run at Jackson and Cherry streets was its huge, beautiful old trees. Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, they have also been its undoing. The small dog run, the only one serving the 10002 ZIP code, is yet another victim of the high winds.

National Guard on Grand Street

Today the National Guard arrived to help deliver food, including kosher meals, to stranded residents of the Seward Park Co-op.

Thursday Street Scenes

A couple of scenes from yesterday. Throughout Chinatown, people opened up fire hydrants to wash clothes and clean fruit and vegetables. And at several food distribution centers, the lines were long and the tempers were short. People waited for hours for supply trucks to reach the Lower East Side locations. we understand the distribution effort finally did occur.


Tree Smashes Through Fence on Rutgers

The scene in front of 80 Rutgers. A tree smashed through an iron fence and is now completely blocking the street.

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: More Photos From Readers

A tree down in Corlears Hook Park. Photo by Bahram Foroughi.

Here are some more excellent photos of Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath from our readers.  Keep them coming. And keep us updated on the recovery out there.  We are all standing by for more information on the return of power.

Corlears Hook. Photo by Bahram Foroughi.

The FDR was closed on Tuesday after the storm. Photo by Bahram Foroughi.

More great photos after the jump!

Trees Down on FDR Drive

Photo by Lee Berman.

Thanks to Lo-Down reader Lee Berman for sending along this photo of two trees down on FDR Drive, just north of Houston Street.

Long Live the Pay Phone!

East Broadway at Rutgers Street.

Huge Tree Topples on East Broadway

Here’s one of the bigger tree casualties we’ve seen.  This one’s on East Broadway, in font of the Seward Park Co-op (just west of Clinton Street).



Lost Weekend Fires Up the Grill

The guys at Lost Weekend at 45 Orchard Street are serving up coffee with the help of a propane grill.

Fresh Scones, Coffee on Clinton Street

Maggie Rogers of Cowboy Pizza pulls fresh scones out of the gas oven. Coffee will be ready soon. The restaurant is at 201 Clinton Street. They’re hoping to be open tonight, if more pizza dough can be acquired.

E. River Water Levels Finally Receding



Photos: The Day After Sandy

Thanks to Lo-Down reader Chris Castillo for sending us this photo of his view of the FDR just below the Williamsburg Bridge this morning.

Here are some more photos from the “day after” tour we took this morning.  Crews were out working on clearing trees in the street fairly early.

A large tree fell on two cars on East Broadway.

A destroyed vehicle on Pike Slip.

More photos after the jump.

Hurricane Aftermath: South Street

Here’s the worst damage we have seen so far. Large pieces of wood from a construction site came crashing down at the intersection of Pike and South streets.