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Morning Reads: Bus Crash Trial, Wylie Dufresne’s New Restaurant, Sweaty Perfume as Art

Must Read

  • The trial of the driver of that Chinatown-bound bus that crashed in the Bronx, killing 15, is concluding its third week. Yesterday jurors heard from a survivor who lost both arms in the tragic accident (WCBS).
  • Wylie Dufresne, the mastermind of Clinton Street’s WD-50, is opening a second restaurant on 2nd Avenue (Grub Street).
  • Taking in the CMJ scene and pondering the sorry state of the music business at the intersection of Ludlow and Stanton, perhaps the “geographic heart” of the legendary music festival (NYT).
  • In London, they’re contemplating a mushroom garden in an abandoned subway tunnel. Sound familiar? (CNN).
  • On Saturday at Envoy Enterprises on Rivington Street performance artist Martynka Wawrzyniak will begin presenting hand-blown glass vials containing her sweat, hair and tears (NYT).


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