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Woman Killed on Orchard Street This Morning is Identified

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Carlisle Brigham with husband Anthony Champalimaud; New York Times “Weddings” section; August 2011.

The woman who died this morning after being slashed and after falling down a flight of stairs has been identified. She was 29-year old Carlisle Brigham of St. Louis.  The photo posted above appeared in the New York Times last August following  her marriage to Anthony Champalimaud.

According to the Times profile,  Brigham’s father is chairman of a  St.Louis investment bank.  In the late 1970’s and 1980’s he served in New York City government as budget director and as chair of the NYC Public Development Corp.  Carlisle Brigham graduated from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  She reportedly worked for the Museum of Natural History. The Times said Champalimaud, now 34, worked in Connecticut as vice president for acquisition, strategy and development for Malysian conglomerate YTL. He is from a prominent Portgugese banking family.

Brigham was found in the stairwell at 191 Orchard Street around 10 o’clock this morning. The medical examiner is determining whether she died from falling down the staircase or from stabbing wounds to the neck.  Police say it’s unclear whether she was murdered, the victim of an accident or whether she took her own life.

Earlier today the Wall Street Journal reported Brigham was estranged from her husband and staying in the Orchard Street apartment temporarily with a male roommate. That roommate was interviewed by police but he is not considered a suspect. WNBC called Champalimaud her ex-husband.  He is apparently in Great Britain.



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  1. That is sad she was a very pretty woman…wonder what happened? Suicide, accident or the victim of an attack? I hope the Lo Down will stay on top of this story and let us know what the NYPD investigation results are.

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