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Road Remains: Adjusting to the New Delancey Street

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Delancey Street, north side, at Clinton Street.

It looks like drivers are having a little trouble adjusting to the new configuration on Delancey Street. Several days ago, the Department of Transportation established new pedestrian “plazas” on the dangerous roadway by setting up plastic pylons on either side of the street. As you can see, those pylons are really taking a beating.


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  1. Even planters are not going to cut down on the accidents that occur on Delancey Street…not as long as you continue to have bicyclists and pedestrians ignore traffic lights and signs while coming off the Williamsburg Bridge and riding or walking right onto the vehicle traffic lanes.    

  2. Not that it’s likely that one hundred drivers, per day, run reds from the base of the WB right on through to somewhere near Kenmare.

    And that excludes from Kenmare to the bridge, along with feeder streets (like Ludlow) filled with people trying to get to the bridge.

  3. Ahhh I beg to differ with you…there are usually a lot of Traffic Agents and Police Officers posted along Delancey Streets for the vehicle traffic and as a regular motorist on Delancey I do not see drivers running red lights on a regular basis…certainly not one hundred per day…mostly I see pedestrians crossing against the light and especially bicyclists who seem to feel that NYC traffic laws do not apply to them and ride however they want on the street or sidewalks.   

  4. Have they lengthened the crossing time at Clinton St. yet?  I crossed Delancey at Clinton this morning, and it sure didn’t seem like they were giving me any more time.

  5.  I don’t see how you, from inside your car, can see drivers running (or not running) red lights.

    IMO, you’d have to stand beside Delancey for some time to know whether or not what I posted is accurate.

    So what do you do? Park your car and watch a single light for some period of time? Serious question.

  6. OK..to answer your question…as both a motorist and pedestrian driving and walking along Delancey Street for both business and personal reasons for many years I can assure you from my point of view rather than cars that you believe are running red lights and then getting pulled over by Traffic Agents or Police Officers and the drivers being issued moving violations I have observed that it is often the pedestrians and bicycle riders who attempt to get across the street when the light is still green.  I cannot tell you how many times I had to slam on the brakes to stop while I had a green light because some pedestrian or bicyclist cut right in front of me especially on Delancey Street.        

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