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Gallery Goer: What to See This Week

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Ryan McGinness-Women: Blacklight Paintings and Sculptures. Photo by Stephen P. Smith.

If you’re a fan of blacklight paintings, head over to Charles Bank Gallery where Ryan McGinness debuts a brilliant solo exhibition called Women: Blacklight Painting and Sculptures. The colorful fluorescent works are truly eye-popping and magnetic. Trust me—they’re mesmerizing. The blacklight paintings feature sculptural elements that incorporate drawings from McGinness’ sketch process.

Artist Ryan McGinness. Photo by Stephen P. Smith.

The artist is well-known for his graphic drawings that draw upon the visual language of public signage, corporate logos and contemporary iconography. The resulting works look akin to printmaking process.

Wall installation of the screens used in creating the paintings on display. Photo by Stephen P. Smith.


For the current show, McGinness drew continuously based on live models, and then iteratively refined the drawings into iconic shapes and forms.  Through June 30.

gilf! / To Tehran with Love.

Wander over to Hendershot Gallery on Chrystie St. where there’s a group exhibition dubbed (Re)Print that opens today. The show not only presents the work of more than a dozen street artists including Anthony Lister, ASVP, Chris Stain, Clown Soldier, Gaia, gilf!, Icy & Sot, Imminent Disaster, Judith Supine, Know Hope, Labrona, Other and Paul Insect, but transforms the gallery into a print shop and project space.

Along with the exhibition, the gallery has invited a group of artists to create temporary, site-specific installations at an as-yet undisclosed location which will be open to the public during the summer. Check the gallery’s website for more information on these events. The secret location element, according to the gallery, is in keeping with the experience that many of us have when, much to our delight, we accidentally  stumble upon street art.

ASVP / Black-Gold Glitter Balaclava.

(Re)Print seeks to create a connection between street artists’ public work and their print work. Printmaking enables street artists to reproduce their work and make it even more accessible to the public. Even when we don’t know street artists by name, their designs and motifs become familiar and help popularize them.

Icy & Sot / Kids Fight.


The works on view throughout the show’s 12-week run will rotate. Through August 15.


Featured Gallery Picks

Charles Bank Gallery/ 196 Bowery at Spring St./ 212.219.4095; Wed.-Sun. 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Hendershot Gallery/ 195 Chrystie St./ 212.239.1210; Tues.-Sat. 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and by appointment.


TLD contributor Tobi Elkin is a writer, editor and interviewer and former resident of the Lower East Side who delights in the neighborhood’s eclectic pleasures. A regular reader of The Lo-Down, her diverse interests include arts and entertainment, film, food and cultural critique. Visit her website at tobielkin.com.


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