Gallery Goer: Openings on the Lower East Side

Anders Wallin Plan, 2014  acrylic on canvas

Anders Wallin
Plan, 2014
acrylic on canvas

Gallery Goer is a weekly roundup of gallery shows on the Lower East Side.  Check out our top picks for shows opening each week that you won’t want to miss.

Wednesday April 8, 6 pm to 8 pm – Artifact: Anders Wallin

Inspired by the flow of the unconscious, Anders Wallin’s paintings represent ambiguous, yet muscular patterns. Wallin has a strong grasp of the importance of applying colors and contrasts in his work in order to jump-start the viewer’s imagination. He lightens the background of his paintings and lays abstract patterns on top. The interplay between the forms produces magnetic, glowing energetic color fields.

Through April 26, 2015 // Wed.-Sun. 12 pm to 6 pm // 84 Orchard St.

Nancy Haynes, installation view of the "Fugitive Drawings" and the saint's lectern, 2015

Nancy Haynes, installation view of the “fugitive drawings” and the saint’s lectern, 2015

Extended through Sunday April 12th, 4 pm to 6 pm – Regina Rex: Nancy Haynes: anomalies and non sequiturs

Nancy Haynes has been making art for nearly 40 years. Her solo exhibition, extended at Regina Rex, reveals a diverse body of work including a selection of paintings, drawings, collage and sculpture. Haynes’ inspiration is said to range from Bellini’s St. Francis in the Desert painting at The Frick, to Rauschenberg’s Erased de Kooning Drawing.

This cerebral exhibit deals in various states of consciousness and the artist herself describes it as a “remembered present.” Haynes’ recent “fugitive drawings” are lightly-drawn and layered onto canvases covered in glow-in-the-dark paint—a material she has worked with for many years.

Through April 12, 2015 // Thurs.-Sun. 12 pm to 6 pm or by appointment // 221 Madison St.

Caren Canier’s “West Hall III”

Caren Canier’s “West Hall III”

Recently Opened: Mark Miller Gallery: Dogs & Cats: 21 Artists Unleashed and on the Prowl 

This show opened April 5 with a live hook: Humans were invited to bring their dogs and cats as special guests. Animal treats were served. Dogs and Cats, a show curated by artists Nancy Grimes and Leslie Lalehzar, gathers the works of 21 artists to ruminate on the timeless theme of humans’ relationships to dogs and cats. Of course the possibilities are endless and fun to see.

Can one ever tire of seeing canine and feline subjects in art and in life? I don’t think so.

Through May 3, 2015 // Wed.-Sun. 12 pm to 6 pm // 92 Orchard St.

Gallery Goer: Openings on the Lower East Side

Recycle Group, Ray 1, 2015. Polyurethane rubber, 21 x 25 x 18 in (53.34 x 63.5 x 45.72 cm). © Recycle Group. Photograph courtesy Richard Taittinger Gallery, New York.

Recycle Group, Ray 1, 2015. Polyurethane rubber, 21 x 25 x 18 in (53.34 x 63.5 x 45.72 cm). © Recycle Group. Photograph courtesy Richard Taittinger Gallery, New York.

Gallery Goer is a weekly roundup of gallery shows on the Lower East Side.  Check out our top picks for shows opening each week that you won’t want to miss.

Friday, April 3rd, 6 pm to 9 pm

 Richard Taittinger Gallery: Heaven Carrier

Newcomer Richard Taittinger Gallery’s latest show features new work by the Russian artist collective, Recycle Group.

The Recycle Group is Andrey Blokhin and Georgy Kuznetsov. The artists work with repurposed electrical equipment and industrial material to express concern for humanity’s increasing dependence on digital technologies including social media. (Including tools for getting the word out about gallery shows, like this one.) Recycle Group’s work addresses the increasing amount of material waste as a byproduct of widespread consumerism. The exhibition marks The Recycle Group’s first solo exhibition in the U.S.

Through May 3, 2015 // Wed.-Thurs. 11 am to 7 pm, Fri.-Sun. 10 am to 7 pm // 154 Ludlow St.

 Friday, April 3, 11 am to 6 pm

Invisible-Exports: Teeth Gnash Tennessee

Paul Gabrielli Untitled, 2012. Archival corrugated board, steel chain, padlocks, wood, ink, acrylic, oil, enamel.  18 x 11 x 15.5 inches Courtesy of the artist and INVISIBLE-EXPORTS

Paul Gabrielli, Untitled, 2012.
Archival corrugated board, steel chain, padlocks, wood, ink, acrylic, oil, enamel.
Courtesy of the artist and Invisible-Exports

This show has a unique set-up. The gallery will present the work of 18 artists, exhibited in two-day shifts, two works at a time. The exhibition functions as a record of a visual word-association game, performed internally within the gallery. The show is created with each artwork selected in response to the one chosen immediately before.

Only two artworks will be on view each day, and each artwork will only be on view for two days in a row total. Each evening, the artwork that has already been on view for two days will be removed, making way for the next work, which will create a new pairing with the object that has been there for only one day, and that had been paired with the previous artwork from the day before.

The goal of the show is to stage, each day, a new and jarring juxtaposition of artists and objects, and to produce over the course of a single exhibition 18 different experiences. Teeth Nash Tennessee’s unique premise offers several different shows within a show.

Through April 26, 2015 // Wed.-Sun. 11 am to 6 pm // 89 Eldridge St.

Opened Recently:

Envoy Enterprises: From The World Of Entertainment: Collages and Prints 1974 – 2014, a solo exhibition of Gary Indiana

Gary Indiana, Untitled, 2014. Inkjet print. 18 x 24 inches. Courtesy of the artist and envoy enterprises.

Gary Indiana, Untitled, 2014. Inkjet print. 18 x 24 inches. Courtesy of
the artist and envoy enterprises

This truly dazzling retrospective offers a diverse array of the iconic multimedia artist’s work from the last 40 years—photographs, collages, magazines and video are among the works.

Through April 19, 2015  // Envoy Enterprises, 87 Rivington St. // Wed.-Sun. 12 pm to 6 pm


Gallery Goer: Openings on the Lower East Side

Shifting Impressions, Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space

Shifting Impressions, Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space

Gallery Goer is a weekly roundup of gallery shows on the Lower East Side.  Check out our top picks for shows opening each week that you won’t want to miss.

Saturday, March 28, 5 pm to 7 pm

Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space: Shifting Impressions

This exhibition in conjunction with City Souvenirs, a site responsive project that uses walking, clay and public participation to create connections between people and place. The show is a collaboration between two artistsLiene Bosquê and Nicole Seisler. Curated by Lynnette Miranda, Shifting Impressions features a objects and tools that visitors can physically handle, as well as a series of three public walks on the Lower East Side.

In pairing the gallery show with the walks, the artists invite participants to walk through the neighborhood and make direct impressions of the landscape with fresh blocks of clay. After participants have made marks in the clay, the artists will collect the objects. One side of the clay records specific architectural details, while the other retains the imprint of the hand, its subtle lines and fingerprints.

Within the context of the Lower East Side’s ongoing and rapid transformation, this show is particularly meaningful as the Essex Street Market, along with Cuchifritos, will move across the street to the Essex Crossing development in 2018. The show debuts as demolition on an original Market structure on the south side of Delancey St. has already begun, perfectly timed in the face of constant change in the neighborhood.

The show’s public walks are on April 11, 18 and 25. All walks begin at 4 pm from Cuchifritos Gallery inside Essex Street Market.

Through April 26, 2015 // Tues.-Sun. 12 pm to 6 pm // 120 Essex St.

Cal (Factory Face), David Wojnarowicz

Cal (Factory Face), David Wojnarowicz

Opened Recently:

James Fuentes: Debris

This fun, highly eclectic show features artists who happily appropriate found objects from everyday life, manipulate and copy them to prevent them from disappearing. Fuentes has included work by Darja Bajagić, David Wojnarowicz, Haim Steinbach, Lizzi Bougatsos, Nevine Mahmoud and Renaud Jerez. As a group, the works represent visceral assemblages illustrating portraits, diaries, and narratives.

David Wojnarowicz’s Cal (Factory Face), acrylic and collage on masonite, stares eerily at the viewer, abstract and figurative at once. The stark canvas pops off the wall, easily superseding most of the other paintings in the show.

TJS 1, Renaud Jerez

TJS 1, Renaud Jerez

Renaud Jerez’ TJS 1 is truly one of the most intriguing pieces in the show. This skeletal, robot-looking figure is made of  burnt PVC pipe, aluminum, cotton, string, satellite cable, web cams, duct tape plastic tubing, polyester and denim clothing with rubber feet. I half expected the figure to blurt something out, Tourettes’-like, or take a step.

Through April 26, 2015  // James Fuentes, 55 Delancey St. // Wed.-Sun. 10 am to 6 pm

Tobi Elkin is a freelance writer and editor who lives on the Lower East Side. She works as a journalist at eMarketer, a digital marketing and media research firm. Follow her on Twitter at: @TobiElkin.


New Arrivals: Moscow 57, Antonioni’s, Pablo’s Birthday and More

Red Caviar on Buckwheat Blinis at Moscow57.

Red Caviar on Buckwheat Blinis at Moscow57.

Here’s our monthly roundup of new businesses that have opened on the Lower East Side:

Moscow 57  (168 Delancey St.), a pop-up concept, catering company and events firm, opened its first brick-and-mortar outpost last month at the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge—just in time to capitalize on Sochi Olympics-driven buzz around all things Russian. Its proprietors include Ellen Kaye, whose parents owned the Russian Tea Room from 1947 until 1996, as well as Seth Goldman (who’s running the kitchen) and Ethan Fein. The menu features classics like chicken Kiev, blinis and beef stroganoff; Central Asian and Georgian dishes are also offered and there’s a small menu section devoted to “American.” Dinner is served Wednesday through Saturday. Live music, including blues, folk, world music and jazz, are often on the calendar.

Antonioni’s (177 Chrystie St.), the tiny new “family-style” Italian joint from the folks behind Café Gitane on Mott Street and in the West Village, finally opened for daily dinner service on Feb. 14, nearly three years after it first appeared on Community Board 3’s agenda. The dinner menu features classic dishes like clams casino, Tuscan mussels, a wide array of pasta dishes and eight varieties of pizza. Appetizers and kids’ menu items fall in the $10 range, pizzas and pastas are around $20, and larger entrees a little higher. Brunch and lunch service is scheduled to start later this month, and delivery service is in the works.

Red Royalty Gallery (64 Delancey St.), bills itself as the first NYC gallery focusing on contemporary Eastern European art, with a targeted audience of young collectors “who will be shaping the future of contemporary art,” says gallerist Radina Angelova. Its first show, scheduled for March 27-28, will feature porcelain and ceramic sculptures influenced by Cirque du Soleil and Maxfield Parrish’s early 20th-century illustrations.  (UPDATE 3/14: Angelova tells us the grand opening of the gallery and its inaugural show, The Emperor’s New Clothes by Kremena Lefterova, has been rescheduled for Friday, April 4, from 6 to 10 p.m. A coffee salon with the artist follows on Saturday, April 5, noon to 6 p.m.)

La Petite Mort (37 Orchard St.), is a combination vintage clothing boutique and art gallery. It specializes in putting a modern twist on looks curated from ’80s and ’90s threads, ranging from from Dolce and Gabbana and Versace to Garfield the Cat T-shirts. The store also sells modern accessories by NYC designers. Noting that its name is a euphemism for an orgasm, the proprietors spell out their mission this way: “We believe fashion should evoke a strong emotion and each piece should be loved and celebrated.” Store hours are Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sundays noon to 7 p.m.; a rotating schedule of art events is posted on the website.

Pablo’s Birthday (57 Orchard St.), a 12-year-old gallery founded by Arne Zimmermann, recently relocated from Canal Street to Orchard Street, joining the Lower East Side art boom. The space hosted an inaugural show of Henrik Eiben’s work called “Clarity.” The gallery, which has a mission of “championing young and mid-career artists,” is open Wednesday through Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday noon to 6 p.m. and by appointment.

Gallery Goer: LES Opening Night Edition

LES Opening Night Art + Fashion

Last night, art lovers and fashionistas joined forces for Lower East Side Opening Night: Art + Fashion. The event, under the auspices of the LES Business Improvement District, drew nearly  30 participating galleries and more than a dozen boutiques which held opening receptions, staying open until 9 p.m. While the receptions weren’t quite as wine-soaked as last year’s, the atmosphere was buzzy nonetheless and the streets were full of artists, gallery goers and their friends who came to enjoy a night out in galleries and boutiques.

Gallery Goer: What to See This Week

Les Rogers, July 1st.

Heading into the dog days of summer, Half Gallery presents the aptly entitled show “Summer Swells” opening tonight from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. “Swells” is Les Rogers’ ethereal collection of oil and stain in wood.

Gallery Goer: What to See This Week

Lonni-Nelson Shanks

Light and Form, a group exhibition of artists who are part of Studio Incamminati opens today at Dacia Gallery. The Philadelphia school was founded by painter Nelson Shanks who is known for portrait commissions that include Princess Diana, President Bill Clinton, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and Pope John Paul II.

Miranda-Robin Frey

The exhibition showcases the works of artists who focus on realism ranging from still lives to figures and portraits. The portraits are vivid and nearly combustible—detailed and life-like. Think of them as photographic moments. There is, it would seem, a lot of work involved in making this lovely magic.

Gallery Goer: What to See This Week

Shane LaVancher’s Creatures at Orchard Windows Gallery.

Creatures, Shane LaVancher’s series of stunning and highly composed black and white photographs, are on view at Orchard Windows Gallery. Dino Eli, who runs the gallery, has a knack for choosing artists who will get under your skin and LaVancher is no exception.

Gallery Goer: What to See This Week


Toomer labzda celebrates its 1st year anniversary today with the opening of year one, a group show comprised of artists who have shown at the gallery.  Joe Brittain, Blue Curry, Leah Dixon, Kate Steciw and Mia Taylor each present a piece that somehow incorporates paper, a traditional first anniversary gift. Helen Toomer, co-founder of the gallery, enthusiastically explained each artist’s approach at an opening reception last night.

Gallery Goer: What to See This Week

Lily, Ellen Jong.

You can always count on Allegra LaViola Gallery for unusual work that gets people chattering. So expect no less from the gallery’s latest show The Invisible Line, a solo exhibition of new work by Ellen Jong curated by Mr. and Mrs. Amani Olu. Also, consider the fact that many of the photographs included in the show appeared in Jong’s book “Getting To Know My Husband’s Cock”.

With that piece of information squared away, we should also note that Ellen isn’t related to the writer Erica Jong (“Fear of Flying”) or Erica’s daughter, the writer Molly Jong-Fast.

Gallery Goer: What to See This Week

Wes Lang at Half Gallery

Half Gallery features the art of Wes Lang in “Here Comes Sunshine,” a fun collection that draws on a variety of influences including tattoo art and motorcycle culture. Ominous references to impending death are plentiful as are nods to the highly sexualized female form.

Gallery Goer: What to See This Week

Ryan McGinness-Women: Blacklight Paintings and Sculptures. Photo by Stephen P. Smith.

If you’re a fan of blacklight paintings, head over to Charles Bank Gallery where Ryan McGinness debuts a brilliant solo exhibition called Women: Blacklight Painting and Sculptures. The colorful fluorescent works are truly eye-popping and magnetic. Trust me—they’re mesmerizing. The blacklight paintings feature sculptural elements that incorporate drawings from McGinness’ sketch process.

Gallery Goer: What to See This Week

Moyna Flannigan, Femme (Scarlet) at Dodge Gallery

Gallery Goer is a weekly column featuring not-to-be-missed gallery shows on the LES. Have a fun, art-inspired week!

Opening May 19 at Dodge Gallery is Twisted Sisters, a highly eclectic show that includes painting, sculpture, video, installation, prints, mixed media and performance art. Curated by Kristen Dodge and Janet Phelps, the show features works by women artists whose subjects are women.

Summer Wheat-Scratchpad at Dodge Gallery