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BOFFO Show House Opens at Madison Jackson Building Next Week

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In a couple of weeks,  prospective buyers will get their first crack at the new apartments inside the Madison Jackson building, the Lower East Side’s newest condo conversion.  But even before sales begin, there have been several interesting events at the former school building at 371 Madison Street.  On Tuesday, an especially ambitious project opens to the public — the 2012 BOFFO Show House.

BOFFO is an arts organization founded four years ago to promote collaboration among young designers and architects.  Its co-creators, Faris Al-Shathir and Gregory Sparks, turned to up-and-coming designer Andrew Yes to curate the interiors of four duplex condominium units at the Madison Jackson.

Yes is working with a number of fellow designers to create four distinct environments built around the themes: Work, Nature, Future and Play.  Cool Hunting recently detailed some of the pieces that will be represented in the BOFFO Show House:

Yes will… present some of his own designs and work… Some of which will include Persian Helmet Lights, which are draped with chain mail and would seem to fit at home in a medieval gathering hall; a Van Eyck Mirror that alludes to the legendary Arnolfini Portrait and is framed with recycled wood and hand-made Flemish suede; a 62″ Fossil Meeting Table inspired by the equality implied in King Arthur’s round table and made of grey marble with real mollusk fossils embedded in its matrix; and Surreal Pillow Balls, which are Andrew Yes latest creation.

Yesterday we talked about the project with Michael Bolla, who developed the Madison Jackson along with Chinatown banker Thomas Sung.   Bolla said the idea came to fruition based on his longtime friendship and collaboration with Al-Shathir and Sparks.  They’re working on a similar project on Long Island.  He said the apartments seemed a natural fit for the show since the lofty apartments are ideally suited for creative design ideas.  Bolla said he’s particularly intrigued by a stained glass gingerbread house in one of the apartments.

There are opening receptions for the Boffo Show House next Friday and Saturday evenings. You can visit the project beginning Tuesday, from 11 a.m.- 7 p.m.  The show house closes June 4th. The Madison Jackson is located at 371 Madison, between Jackson and Gouverneur streets.



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  1. What an elitest postering of the building developers. They want you to feel it is exclusive by charging $50 to view spaces. How kind of them, for the chance to live across the street from the LES projects. What a view and how much richer people will feel watching the lower classes carrying out their mundane lives as the well off sit comfortably in their ivory fortress, entertained. Where do I sign up to give away my $50???

  2. “You can visit the Project”  LOL.  I’m sure the billion dollar buyers are gonna love the sounds of home-boys playing b-ball outside their windows all day. ; )

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