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Slide Show: The DOT’s Plan For Delancey Street

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Images from DOT presentation.

Early this morning we posted our report from last night’s Community Board 3 meeting, where city officials unveiled their plan for improving safety on Delancey Street.  The slides used in their presentation are now available online. You can see all of them here.  Click through to see some of the key visuals.

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  1. Is there a light at clinton to the bridge?  Just curious how legit drivers will be there, I’ve seen many run the light or go onto bridge when it’s blocked in the past. But maybe they were cops.

  2. Opening the Bridge car entrance from Clinton St actually does make a lot of sense. No cars racing westward on Grand St from Clinton to Norfolk to catch that turn, since they can now turn sooner at Clinton St. And likewise, no racing on Delancey from Norfolk to Clinton Sts and onto the bridge. Also cars coming from Clinton onto the bridge won’t be picking up speed because they’ll be having to make the 90 degree turn onto the bridge and not approaching it from a straight away.
    The statisics that half of all dead pedestrians were crossing WITH the light and were hit by turning cars and failing to yield, as they should, is truly disturbing!

  3. Sorry, I mis-stated the DOT statistics on my previous post. It should be half of all pedestrian CRASHES (not fatalities).

  4. Ok, if cars can go onto the bridge at clinton instead of turning right onto broome then norfolk then there can be about 10 cars or less waiting for the light (maybe more since it will be two lanes, but it will block the cars turning onto broome when it gets backed up.  Then cars will back up to Grand st. Ok, maybe it’s better but right now, no cars stop for pedestrians at clinton and broome st, it’s dangerous for pedestrians.  I just think they are moving the danger to another spot to some degree. Overall I like the widened sidewalks.

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